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December 19, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer, Ways to Give

Volunteering Provides Valuable Lessons for a Lifetime

Isabel Shelatz is 17 years old and in her senior year at Conneaut Area Senior High. After graduation, she plans to attend Rochester Institute... Continue Reading »

December 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

December Volunteer of the Month – Landon Kafferlin and Andrew Singer

Andrew Singer and Landon Kafferlin are our volunteers of the month for December. These young men volunteer once a week at the Cribbs Dining... Continue Reading »

November 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

November Volunteer of the Month – Paws Hand Delivered

Our Volunteers of the Month for November walk on two legs and four legs. Since its establishment in 1994, Paws Hand Delivered has become one... Continue Reading »

October 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

October Volunteer of the Month – Elaine Reyer

Congratulations to our October Volunteer of the Month, Elaine Reyer. Elaine was born and raised in Tarentum, PA. She met her husband, Ron, in high... Continue Reading »

September 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

September Volunteer of the Month – Isabel Shelatz

Isabel Shelatz is our Wesbury Volunteer of the Month for September. Isabel is 17 years old and a student at Conneaut Area Senior High. She will be... Continue Reading »

August 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

August Volunteer of the Month – Kay Nageotte

Kay Nageotte is our Wesbury Volunteer of the Month for August. Kay moved to Wesbury in 2013 with her husband, Jim. Kay worked at Allegheny College as... Continue Reading »

July 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

July Volunteer of the Month – Ray Blank

Ray Blank is the Wesbury Volunteer of the Month for July. Ray has been a Wesbury Volunteer since 2016.  Ray and his wife, Debra, are Thoburn Villa... Continue Reading »

June 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

June Volunteer of the Month – Judy Stewart

Judy Stewart is the Wesbury Volunteer of the Month for June. Judy has been a volunteer at Wesbury since 2001. Originally, and for many years, Judy... Continue Reading »

May 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

May Volunteer of the Month – Marie Carroll

Marie Carroll was born in Punxatawney, PA, but moved to Erie at an early age. Marie has a very, very, long history with Wesbury. As a teenager, Marie... Continue Reading »

April 1, 2022   |   Blog, Volunteer

April Volunteer of the Month – BJ Angstadt

BJ Angstadt is Wesbury’s Volunteer of the Month for April. BJ and her husband, Bruce, moved to Meadville in January of 2016 from Washington D.C.... Continue Reading »
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