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Giving Your Time Is a Feel-Good Gift – Learn More About Volunteering at Wesbury

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As a recent retiree, you have likely been thinking a lot about how to use your newfound freedom. Maybe it’s hitting the golf course, relaxing with a good book, or catching up on all those trendy programs streaming on entertainment services. And while all those things are well-deserved and enjoyed, you might miss a little of that day-to-day problem-solving, being helpful, and socializing with others. That’s where volunteering opportunities meet the best of all worlds.

Volunteering provides a whole new sense of purpose a person can feel by being of service to others. Studies show that seniors who incorporate some level of volunteering in their life report more satisfaction and positivity with fewer symptoms of depression than those who didn’t volunteer.

Barbara Ettwein might be new to being a Wesbury volunteer, but helping others was instilled in her at a young age watching her parents care for her grandparents in their home. Barb grew up in northwest Pennsylvania. After retiring from George Junior in Grove City, Barb chose to move to Montana to volunteer with the United Methodist Church and People’s International near the Blackfeet Reservation. This year, with friends and family still living in PA, Barb decided to move back for the winter months, with plans to return to Montana during the spring and summer. She has a local apartment with intentions of making this her annual lifestyle. Barb likes her retirement freedoms and doesn’t want to go back to work. She also feels she has the time and energy to help where there is a need. After reviewing volunteer opportunities in the area, Barb chose to volunteer with Wesbury. She helps the Cribbs Dietary Department and transports residents to out-of-town appointments.

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available at Wesbury?

There are many organizations where you can choose to help, at Wesbury, we have opportunities that vary from helping with activities like games, crafts, and music to escorting residents to and from activities, therapy, and the beauty salons. There is a need for volunteer companions to accompany residents on shopping trips and to doctor’s or medical appointments. In addition, aides are needed for mail delivery in the afternoons, sewing and mending, assisting in the dining rooms, or painting and polishing nails. In an organization like Wesbury, there are also clerical needs and other areas where volunteers support staff.

If you feel like you have the time and inclination to volunteer, Stacey Hoey, Wesbury Volunteer Coordinator would love to meet with you and discuss where you could fit in. Stacey can be reached by phone at 814-332-9280 or by email at

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