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Looking for Hearts to Serve

Do you want to make a positive difference? Volunteers are urgently needed and here are a few opportunities where you can help support residents at Wesbury:

  • As a Dining Room Assistant, help serve meals with nursing supervision, set tables, pass hydration, assist in putting clothing protectors on, clean up after meals, and escort residents to and from the dining room.
  • As a Life Enrichment Aide or better known as an Activities Aide, assist the Life Enrichment staff with daily activities for residents, one on one visits, reading or visiting, and escorting to programs within Wesbury.
  • As a Grace Beauty Shop Volunteer, escort residents to and from the beauty shop to get their hair done, rinse hair, remove rollers, and help fold towels.
  • As a Mail Deliverer, deliver mail to residents.
  • By helping with mending and sewing you might hem pants, mend tears, and do other general sewing requests for the residents. You can do that at Wesbury in our sewing room or you can take items home to mend and bring back.

By enriching the life of a resident, you’ll make new memories and gain new friends!

According to Stacey Hoey, Volunteer Services Coordinator, “Volunteers add so much to Wesbury. They connect and build relationships with both residents and staff which enriches the lives of everyone in our community. They come in looking to bless and leave blessed themselves.”

Wesbury requires that all volunteers:

  • Be at least 14 years of age.  (Minors must have parental consent)
  • Fill out a volunteer application.
  • Attend orientation/job training.

If you would like to volunteer but don’t know how to get started Stacey would love to meet with you and discuss how you can share your time and talents with the Wesbury community. Stacey can be reached by phone at 814-332-9280 or by email at
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