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Donor Recognition & Foundation Board

Hyatt M. Cribbs Society

The Hyatt M. Cribbs Society is a family of distinguished individuals, groups or organizations who are committed to continuing the benevolent tradition of Wesbury. Hyatt M. Cribbs Society donors are listed in the online annual contributors report.

Hyatt M. Cribbs Society Giving Levels are:

Ida M. Cribbs Circle

$2,500 or more in a calendar year

Founder's Circle

$1,000 - $2,499 in a calendar year


$500 - $999 in a calendar year


$250 - $499 in a calendar year

Heritage Council

The Heritage Council is a special designation of the Hyatt M. Cribbs Society, which recognizes individuals who have provided for benevolent care via bequest, life insurance, or life-income gifts.

Wesbury Foundation Board of Directors

November 2023- November 2024

Wesbury Partner and Sponsor Recognition 2024

Thank you to our current Partners and Sponsors for your support of this years fundraising events!

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