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All travel commission earned by Wesbury is directed to our Benevolent Care Fund. Over the past decade, Wesbury has become known for its fundraising travel adventures. What started with a small group of Wesbury residents has grown to a large following of people from our greater community who travel with us via bus, train, plane, and ship to exciting destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Travelers do not need to be affiliated with Wesbury, and all age groups are welcome.

We think of our trips as win-win adventures! Tour participants gain all the advantages listed below, and our residents benefit from the benevolent care they receive.

As we steam ahead, planning our itineraries for future trips, we invite you to join us.

Current travel opportunities are posted below and are announced through mailings, this website, and on Wesbury’s Facebook and Instagram pages. To receive information on future trips, complete the contact form below.

Advantages of traveling with Wesbury

Past Travel and Future Trips - Where do you want to go?

Over the years we have traversed much of the east coast by bus from New England to the deep south and cruise Alaska, the mighty Mississippi and even the rivers of Europe. To view these experiences visit our gallery.

Where will we go next? Join in on the decision! We are considering the following destinations and more! Share your ideas by completing our travel survey.

Learn More

If you are interested in staying up to date with our travel opportunities or, if you would like to tell us where you would like us to travel, please send us your contact information below and we’ll be in touch!

You can contact Stacey at 814-332-9712 or travel@wesbury.com with your questions.

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