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January 31, 2018   |   Blog, Lifestyle

Staying Active Yields Healthy Rewards at Cribbs Residential Center

Cribbs Residential Center resident, Nancy Gable at the 50 step marker. Winters in Northwest PA vary from long and cold to short and mild, but the... Continue Reading »

November 24, 2017   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

Promoting Health and Longevity Through Nutrition

Amanda Cusick,Wesbury/Sodexo Registered Dietician and Clinical Nutritional Manager, discusses nutritional choices with Wesbury resident, Charlotte... Continue Reading »

December 27, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

The Cure for the Couch Potato!

There are things that people who work within the senior population repeatedly hear, one of the big ones is: “everyone has a desire to stay... Continue Reading »

December 21, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

How to Cope With Stress Over the Holidays

We often think of stress as just part of life, and we plug along with it. Yes we would prefer not to feel stressed, but is it really a big... Continue Reading »

October 21, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

3 Components to Driving Safely, Warning Signs and How to Keep Fit for Driving

On Wednesday, October 20th Brenda Bennett, President of Transportation Solutions and Certified Driving Rehab Specialist spoke about: Senior driving,... Continue Reading »

September 16, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

We Are Not Your Grandma’s Nursing Home

It seems as though the concept of a long-term care facility has been fighting misperceptions for a very long time. Based on dated beliefs and old... Continue Reading »

August 19, 2016   |   Blog, Lifestyle, Planning for Retirement

So You’re Ready to Declutter…But Where Do You Begin?

WHY DOWNSIZE/DECLUTTER?  Less stress, less to organize and clean, and less debt To make surroundings safer, minimize risk of falls, lost... Continue Reading »

February 11, 2016   |   Blog, Lifestyle, Planning for Retirement

What Care Level is Right for You?

Are you or your loved one beginning to struggle with maintaining a home? Experiencing forgetfulness? Having difficulty with stairs or performing... Continue Reading »