Sponsorships and Partners

Come together for the cause!

Wesbury Sponsors and Partners comprise individuals, businesses, and organizations that partner with us to sponsor Wesbury events and programs. Some of these activities are designed as fundraisers that invite participation from the greater community, such as our golf tournament and escorted Wesbury Trips. Proceeds from these fundraisers are directed to our Benevolent Care Fund.

Other activities are designed to enhance the lives of our residents, such as our summer BBQ, which is now focused on celebrating Wesbury residents and their families.

In recognition of their support, Wesbury Sponsors and Partners are featured in event signage and programs, newsletters, social media, and right here on our website!

For more information about becoming a partner or sponsor,  contact us at 814-332-9264 or email: Foundation@Wesbury.com.

Wesbury Partner and Sponsor Recognition 2023

Thank you to our current Partners and Sponsors for your support of this years fundraising events!

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