Testimonials - Wesbury Retirement Community


Making a move often feels overwhelming causing many to delay their decision. Residents at Wesbury made the choice for a variety of reasons. In their own words, let them put you at ease as they share their points of view.

In the testimonials below, read about people who have experienced more at Wesbury and recognize our high-quality programs and services as well as our sense of family and a safe place to call home.

Three Grace Residents Share Their Stories

Paul and Pat Rose – Thoburn Village

Dick and Joanne Hartung – Thoburn Village

Rev. Harry and Margot Stoll – Thoburn Village

From Daughter of a Resident at Cribbs Residential Center

Lou Moyers – Grace Health Center Rehabilitation Program

Jeff Kays – Grace Health Center Rehabilitation Program

Pete Balsamo – Grace Health Center

Perspective from the Son of a Care Cottage Resident

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