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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Communities such as Wesbury offer exactly that – a continuation of care through the resident’s lifetime. Select a community where you can live actively and find the services you need through all the stages of your retirement years. CCRC’s offer everything from maintenance free living to in-home services, personal care apartments, rehabilitation, memory support and skilled nursing care. Once you choose the community, you have made a choice that will fit your needs for the rest of your life.

In choosing a nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community, you are choosing a community committed to providing for you both physically and financially for the rest of your life, even if you outlive your resources. For-profit organizations do ask their residents to leave when they can no longer pay. Wesbury does not. Benevolent Care is a key component of Wesbury’s nonprofit mission.

Yes – Residents or responsible parties are in control of their own financial resources. (They don’t have to “turn everything over to Wesbury” upon admission.)

If you would like information about Independent Living or Enhanced Living and Personal Care please call 814-332-9009;  For information about Rehabilitation, Long-Term Nursing Care or Memory Support please call 814-332-9233; and for information regarding Wesbury at Home or Care Cottage Services please call 814-332-9186.  If you are not sure of where to direct your call please call us toll free at 877-937-2879 and the switchboard will direct your call.

Yes! You can arrive from anywhere, and choose to move out at any time. You only pay for the days that you are here.

Wesbury is NOT the most expensive facility in the region. We often hear that folks assume they cannot afford Wesbury. This is often untrue.  When you inquire, a Wesbury representative will go over the costs, your income, assets and expenses to help you determine if Wesbury is an affordable option. They will also make you aware of any financial aid or insurance that may cover the service you are seeking.

In Independent Living, the cost of living at your home with extra services is comparable to living at Wesbury.  Depending on which residence and contract you choose, many items you pay for now, such as utilities, telephone, basic cable, refuse removal, home insurance, taxes, home maintenance, lawn care and snow removal are covered by your monthly fee.

At our Enhanced Living and Personal Care level of care, the daily rate includes 3 meals a day, utilities, cable, telephone, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, and activities. If a resident needs personal care, such as assistance with medications, bathing or dressing, we offer tiered care levels in which a Wesbury nurse will go over the care plan with a resident and their family.  Enhanced Living and Personal Care is private pay but we do accept Long Term Care Insurance and veterans benefits to help cover the costs.

Our rates for skilled nursing care are within a dollar per day of other area options.  We accept Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the costs of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.

Our In-home care and Care Cottage rates are competitive too, and we accept financial aid from the PA Waiver Program and the Veterans Association to help cover the costs!

Medicare is assistance that pays for you to get well in rehabilitation after you are discharged from the hospital.  There are some requirements such as having a 3 day, inpatient, hospital stay to qualify.  If you are under “observation” at the hospital, Medicare will not pay for your stay at a facility. 

If after your qualifying hospital stay you decide to return home, you have a 30 day window to still access your Medicare benefit.  For example, if you have knee surgery – return home after for a week and decide you want therapy at a facility – Medicare can still cover your stay as long as it is for the same condition you were admitted to the hospital for. 

Medicare can provide coverage up to 100 days, but it does not guarantee you the total 100 days for coverage due to medical and therapy criteria.

You can use Medicare for multiple rehabilitation stays as long as you have not used your 100 days.  If you have used your 100 days – then you need to have a 60 day period where you do not use it to be eligible again.

Please note: Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing care after being discharged from the rehabilitation program if you need remain at the facility due to health conditions.

Medicaid is state and federal funding that can pay for nursing home coverage if you qualify financially.  Wesbury’s Billing department can help assist with this process and filling out the proper forms.

Health care insurances or supplements can provide financial relief to those who need rehabilitative services.  When a facility or provider accepts your insurance they are considered “In-Network”.  If they do not accept your insurance and are “Out-of-Network” there may be additional costs or co-pays that you will have to pay out of pocket.  The coverage depends on your plan – please talk with your insurance representative to determine your coverage

Long-term Care Insurance is insurance you can buy which pays out for a number of days in a skilled facility, in-home care, respite stays, or enhanced living and personal care.  Coverage for the cost and length of stay is determined by the policy/coverage you purchased.  Policies can vary in coverage and level of care. 

Please speak with an insurance agent to determine if purchasing a Long-term Care Policy is right for you and your needs.

If you or your spouse is a veteran, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance.  You will need to meet with your local veteran’s office to fill out the proper applications.  The contact number for the Crawford County VA Office is: 814-333-7314.

Once you receive your bill, you can pay by check or credit card.  There is also an option setup auto-withdrawal payment program.  Please contact the Billing Department for more information.

The minimum age requirement is 62 or older except for married couples.  One of the two must be at least 62, and the younger must be at least 55.  Applicants under 62 can inquire about special considerations.

Dedicated to advancing the mission of Wesbury, The Foundation encourages charitable contributions and prudently manages all donations and assets of the corporation. Located at the Cressler House among the Villas at Wesbury, The Foundation secures funds for benevolent care, campus beautification, facility enhancements, spiritual life, and special projects.   You may give an online monetary donation by visiting Wesbury’s Make-a-Donation page, calling in a credit card or mailing a check. You can also donate used books, baked goods and rummage for our many annual sales. To learn more about charitable giving please visit, Giving Opportunities.  If you would like to speak with someone at The Wesbury Foundation please call 814- 332-9264.

We are always happy to welcome volunteers to all areas of the Wesbury community to support with community events, special outings and everyday residents activities.  Do you have a musical talent? Residents are always up for a sing-a-long or just to be entertained with piano or guitar.  Do you like to play games? Residents always appreciate the time of those who come in to host or play along.  Do you like to go out and explore the region? The more the merrier as far as we are concerned!  When we go out there is always a need to assist residents to places such as Presque Isle Downs, field trips to Pymatuning Lake, the zoo, or picnics on the beach at Presque Isle State Park in Erie.

While we do have Life Enrichment staff on hand working with residents, it is nice to have others who generously give of their time and talents to help fill the gaps in areas of need.  For more information please contact Stacey Hoey, Volunteer Services Coordinator at 814-332-9280 and visit our Volunteer Section.

We’d love to have you join our Wesbury Team!  For information regarding employment please visit Wesbury’s employment section where you can view open positions, apply online, and read about the benefits of working at Wesbury.

Independent Living

All monthly service fees include utilities (gas, water, electric, sewage, refuse and recycling), basic TV cable, telephone, taxes, insurance on the structure and property, snow removal, lawn care, landscaping and all interior and exterior maintenance.

Yes, we do have a waitlist for Independent Living but it is nothing to be discouraged by due to the changing needs of those on the list and the different preferences for location and size.   Call us and apply! We encourage you to get on the waiting list even if you are not ready yet.

There is no fee to send the application in.  When you join the waitlist you will receive calls about openings that you might be interested in and have priority over those who are not.  Your name will be placed on the wait list in the order in which it was received.  If you are not ready yet, or do not like the particular open unit we will continue down the wait list to the next applicant.  There is no penalty for saying no, and you will not lose your place if you should decide to wait for another opening.

Wesbury insures the property and the structure of your Villa or apartment.  We do not, however, insure your personal property in case of a fire or water damage.  We recommend purchasing renters insurance for your interior contents.

Yes! We allow pets in Independent Living ask your Wesbury representative for the Pet Policy.

All Villas and apartments have their own private heated, one or two car garage.

Yes, all appliances are included in Independent Living.  Each villa and apartment has their own personal and private laundry area.

Studies show that reduced stress and remaining active prolongs health and independence. The best time to move to a retirement community is while you’re still active and in good health. At Wesbury you can enjoy an engaging lifestyle and all the benefits of owning a home but with none of the headaches! Take hold of your future, stay engaged in life, create memorable moments and continue to live abundantly with the peace of mind knowing you have priority access to in-home care, rehabilitation, enhanced living and personal care and long-term nursing care.

Wesbury offers a full continuum of care. You and your spouse may be able to reside together long term on campus depending on your care needs and ability to afford the various options. In home care may be added to prolong your stay in Independent living. Couples may reside at Cribbs Residential Center or Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center in the same accommodations with different care plans. In some cases couples choose to live at different care levels but still enjoy the convenience of living on the same campus and enjoying meals and personal time together. All Residents have priority access to in-home care, rehabilitation, enhanced living and personal care, long-term nursing care and memory support.   There are multiple scenarios in which we can help, so please call us today Toll Free at 877-937-2879, or 814-332-9009.

All residents have priority access to in-home care, rehabilitation, enhanced living and personal care, long-term nursing and memory support.  Wesbury at Home services (In-Home-Care) are great for adding support to prolong independence. Our goal is to assist residents to be as active and  independent as possible for as long as possible at all care levels. There are multiple scenarios in which we can help, so please call us today Toll Free at 877-937-2879, or 814-332-9009.

You are welcome to have overnight guests.  They may either stay with you in your villa or apartment or they may reserve a space at our Shyrock Guest House for a reasonable nightly rate.  Please call 814-332-9707 to reserve your space.

Enhanced Living and Personal Care

Adult children, caregivers and seniors often question when the time is right to make a move to a senior living community. We hear a common thread among those who call for a tour or information that they often worry they have waited too long to fully benefit from the programs they are researching.

Overwhelmed and frustrated, most often it is the responsibility of the person inquiring to take care of their loved one who is alone for most of the day, unwilling or unable to go out, and typically living in a comfort zone of one or two rooms.

It’s time to start the conversation when your loved one is struggling with two or more of the following:

  • Cognitively not as alert and finds recent events or instructions difficult to remember.
  • Struggling to manage their medications, laundry or housekeeping
  • Is no longer driving and feels isolated at home
  • Not eating consistent meals, or wanting to prepare them
  • Forgetting to pay bills
  • Missing appointments

Entering a personal care home when early warning signs emerge makes a significant impact on successful aging and longevity. Coming to a supportive living situation with built in services and socialization is enriching and allows residents to feel a sense of regained independence and control of their situation. 

Start the conversation and planning before there is an emergency or crisis so you know what your loved one’s wishes are and where they’d like to move to when the time is right.

Before you start the conversation research and request information on enhanced living and personal care communities in your area. Set up a time to meet with your loved one to discuss what their wishes are if/when they need enhanced living and personal care. Address their fears, and ask them to be a part of this process with you.  Have them write up a list of their concerns, questions and tour communities together.  

If they are hesitant to make the next step – Explain the benefits of having someone else keep track of their medications, plan their meals, worry about their laundry so they can be independent and choose different events or activities to attend that they might not have been able to go to before.   Encourage them to try a Trial Stay to see if the lifestyle here fits with theirs.  What they perceive Enhanced Living and Personal Care to be, may be vastly different from what they were expecting.

No, Wesbury does not require an admission fee for Enhanced Living and Personal Care.

Yes, Cribbs Residential Center is comprised of private rooms with private bath and two room suites with private bath.

Yes – There are apartments that are large enough for couples to live together in both Thoburn Village and Cribbs Residential Center. We can also often accommodate couples in a shared accommodation at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center.

Yes – it is preferable that you bring your own furnishings . Wesbury can provide some furniture if needed.

Yes – This is your home, you may come and go as you please.

Birds, cats and fish are permitted at Cribbs Residential Center.  Please ask your Wesbury representative for the Pet Policy.

Yes – a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance are required.

Yes – There is a licensed dietitian available. Any dietary restrictions, and allergies are all documented and tracked in the kitchen.

Yes– At Cribbs Residential Center, personal care services can be added for a daily fee. Nursing staff can provide additional support such as administering medications, or helping with bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Short stays are available for any reason any time of the year at Cribbs Residential Center.  For any stay you determine the length of time, and only pay for the days you’re here.  Join us for a winter stay while the weather is bad.  Think about a Trial stay to experience the life style of our Enhanced Living and Personal Care before committing to a permanent move.  When your Caregiver is unavailable or on vacation, take a Respite stay here at Wesbury.  Simply bring your suitcase, and we will provide the rest.  Please call 814-332-9009 today, to inquire about our short stays.

Enhanced Living and Personal Care is all private pay.  Depending on your circumstances, there are two options that may assist with your payment; Long Term Care Insurance or Veteran’s Aide and Attendance.  Please call Toll Free at 877-937-2879, or 814-332-9009 for more information.

For nearly one hundred years, Webury has cared for residents even when they have outlived their resources through the ability to raise dollars for our Benevolent Care Fund. We are continuously raising money to ensure that residents will receive care, even when they can no longer pay their bill! It’s a major part of our nonprofit Mission and Vision.

Yes, Veteran’s Aide and Attendance can help provide funds to pay for a veteran or spouse of a veteran that has served during wartime. Financial and physical requirements must be met in order to receive these benefits. Ask us today about how we can help. Please call Toll Free at 877-937-2879, or 814-332-9009 for more information.

Unfortunately Medicare or Medicaid does not cover the costs for Enhanced Living and Personal Care.  Medicare is assistance that pays for your loved one to get well in rehabilitation after they are discharged from the hospital.  Medicaid is state funding available at the Skilled Nursing level of care, or through some Wesbury at Home services for those with minimal or no resources.  Please call Toll Free at 877-937-2879, or 814-332-9009 for more information.

Wesbury residents have priority access to higher levels of care on campus. If your loved one needs more care assistance than we can provide our Administrator and nursing staff will work with you through the transition to a higher level of care.

At Wesbury’s Enhanced Living and Personal Care your loved one can keep their primary physician.  We do have an  on-site physician. Dr. Williams, that residents may choose, as long as he is accepting new patients at that time..   If you are looking for a new physician please ask Marketing for a current list of physicians accepting patients in the area.

Long Term Nursing and Rehabilitation

All potential residents begin by completing an admissions application that we can mail, email or fax to you. You may also stop in to pick one up.

Please bring the following for your admission paperwork to be complete.

  • Power of attorney, living will or any advance directives.
  • Medical insurance and prescription cards
  • Income and asset information
  • Veterans information, benefits and cards
  • Photo Identification or driver’s license.

Call the Admissions Department at 814-332-9233 to schedule a tour. A maximum of two people are permitted to tour at one time. Scheduled tours are required to allow for comprehensive information to be shared by the Admissions Coordinator and time to meet with the Finance Department.

Availability varies and is often limited. If an appropriate accommodation is not available at your time of application, we will place you on the waiting list and contact you when there is an opening. If you are not ready when contacted, you may remain on the waiting list for future openings. In order to serve all of our community members, we cannot hold accommodations for extended periods of time.

We accept most 3rd party payers, including V.A., Medicare, and Medicaid. Coverage will vary depending on your plan. Medical Assistance is available for those who qualify. Our Financial Department will be happy to assist you in planning how to cover the cost of your stay.

Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center has a licensed, certified Medical Director on staff who will attend to any residents that need a physician. Other physicians are welcome at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center; contact Admissions at 814-332-9233 for additional information.

Most importantly, bring what feels most comfortable; this includes clothes, pictures and any special heirlooms.

Yes, we encourage family members and friends to support their loved ones. Visitors must check in at the Grace lobby and wear a surgical mask during their visit.

Pets are not permitted to stay with residents.

Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center offers all private accommodations with private bathrooms in the Short term rehabilitation neighborhood and the Memory Support Neighborhoods. There are both private accommodations with private bath and those with a shared bath in the Long Term Care neighborhoods.

Hospice Care is available through a number of providers.

Wesbury at Home

Our Home Care Agency is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to provide Non-medical home care services to individuals who wish to remain living independently. Some of our services include: assistance with personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming), providing companionship, supervision and assistance with tasks of daily living such as meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, light housekeeping, errands, shopping and providing transportation to appointments.

Common reasons:

  • You or your loved one has trouble getting dressed or fastening clothing
  • Toileting and bathing present complications
  • The need of assistance to prepare meals
  • Nutritional needs are not being met due to problems with eating
  • Medications are sometimes missed or forgotten
  • Walking requires assistance or frequent falls occur
  • Household chores are being ignored or present difficulty
  • There is frequent confusion, items are regularly lost

The significant difference between home health care vs. non-medical home care is the level of medically skilled care administered by the home health care staff. Home health is care given to patients at home by medically trained and licensed professionals. It is an alternative to receiving care in a nursing home or hospital to regain health and independence. In-Home care allows individuals to age in place at home by offering custodial care, homemaker services, in-home care, and companionship services. Family members, private caregivers, or caregivers employed by home care agencies, a licensed agency that holds a Home and Community Support Services License provide the care at home.

Home health targets recovering patients who are ill with a chronic condition like heart failure or an acute health condition like surgery for a hip replacement, or an injury. Home health care permits early discharge from a hospital, reduces hospital admissions and assists with rapid recovery. It’s less expensive, more accessible and as effective as care from a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Our current service area is Crawford County.

All newly hired staff is required to complete a PA Criminal and Act 73 background check. A complete physical with TB testing, Hepatitis B, and drug testing is also required to ensure the safety of your loved one. Every staff member is required to complete 12 continuing education credits per year to stay up to date in credentials and training.

Most Wesbury at Home services are billed directly to the client.  Some services may be covered by Long Term Care Insurance, the PA Waiver program, or Veteran’s Benefits.

Services can be arranged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as staffing can accommodate. Shifts can be flexible to fit your individual needs.

Yes, we can provide companion services in nursing home, assisted living communities and in similar settings.

Our goal is to maintain consistency with the staff. We typically have a small team of staff members assigned to each client. We start with an in home visit from the care coordinator and then we train and introduce staff accordingly.

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