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Tribute & Memorial Gifts

At Wesbury, any gift can be donated in memory or in honor of another person, but perhaps the most meaningful tributes are those reflected in beautiful commemorative markers that pay homage to loved ones. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to some of our tribute gift opportunities.

Gifts that beautify the Wesbury Landscape

Trees, shrubs, and plants

Our landscaping team selects only flora that thrives on the Wesbury campus. All plantings are placed in common areas of our campus so that they may be enjoyed by the entire Wesbury community. Gifts begin at $250, and all tribute plantings are identified with an engraved plaque.


Our landscapers are experts at blending vegetation and hardscape materials to achieve beautiful results. Hardscape gifts are either directly engraved or accompanied with an engraved plaque.

Gifts that beautify Wesbury Buildings

Stained Glass Window

Leadership gifts of $25,000 or more may be commemorated with an inscription on a stained glass window in the Emmaline D. Barco Memorial Chapel.

Seasonal Tribute/Memorial Gifts

Stained Glass Window Luminaries

A luminary tribute gift of any amount helps Wesbury to continue a tradition began in 1985 when Rev. Herbert E. Boyd hand-dipped candles in his garage! On a special night each December, Wesbury’s campus is adorned with luminaries and other decorations in celebration of the season and in honor and memory of loved ones. In addition, luminary posters are displayed in our buildings and broadcast on the Wesbury TV Chanel.

Tribute/Memorial Gift Designation

Unless otherwise specified, tribute gift proceeds are directed to the Foundation’s Benevolent Care Fund. The full gift amount is credited toward membership in the Hyatt M. Cribbs Society.

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