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Good Planning Keeps the Years Golden

Retirement is an exciting time, a turning point where years of hard work have paved the way for a season in life that’s all our own. It’s exciting to think about, but there is a lot to consider to be sure the years ahead are as “golden” as we hope for. Good planning is key!

Planning typically begins with evaluating finances to be sure there is a nest egg available to accomplish our dreams and to ensure our security as we age. Next, our minds drift to visions of how we will spend our time, doing the things that we hope to learn, accomplish, or experience. But what else is there to consider? Often, we tend to overlook some important pieces, like do we want to continue to manage home maintenance as we age… and what if we begin to decline later in life and need some support, how will that be taken care of? It’s hard to make these changes once the need arises, it’s better to plan for them.

Putting a plan in place for less home maintenance is a big consideration, who wants to spend their newfound freedom making repairs or mowing the lawn? And who wants to feel isolated and dependent on others if their health declines? An important part of successful aging is having a strategy to remain active, manage our daily tasks, and secure the care we might need later in life.

Reducing home maintenance seems easy enough, people often consider a smaller house, condo, or apartment. These choices may resolve the reduction of home responsibility, but will they meet your needs in the years to come? The answer typically is no. Only a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as Wesbury can check all the boxes. Why? Because CCRCs are designed to offer the perfect solution for active retirees looking for maintenance-free living while including a plan for potential future needs for care or support. Making another choice typically results in the need for another move and adjustment when health situations begin to change.

Residential living at Wesbury’s Thoburn Village is about choosing an independent lifestyle that offers retirement freedom and solutions for the “what ifs” of aging. Our 110-acre campus includes 80 Independent living houses and apartments at Thoburn Village. In addition, the continuum right on campus includes personal care at Cribbs Residential Center, skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation and memory support at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center, Care Cottages, and a variety of in-home services through Wesbury at Home. While the home that you select is yours to live in, decorate and enjoy, all the taxes, homeowners’ insurance and maintenance responsibilities fall to Wesbury. Additionally, we provide lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal. There is security on campus keeping an eye on things, so you don’t need to worry when you are away. Residents enjoy the convenience of an on-site clubhouse offering fitness programs, educational opportunities, entertainment, and social gatherings. Free local transportation can prolong your independence, plus, have peace of mind knowing that you will not need to face the research and planning of another move if you begin to require more services as you age. In short, come for the active lifestyle, and if you ever need more, we have you covered.

As you consider your future retirement plans, here are some things to look for:

  • Is the community not-for-profit?
  • Does the community provide financial security?
  • Is the community accredited?
  • Does the community offer the lifestyle and amenities that I am seeking?
  • Will I have priority access to a “continuum” of services if ever needed?

Wesbury’s Thoburn Village offers all of this and more. Our focus is to do all we can to help you live abundantly.

Visit Thoburn Village – Independent Living for more information, or call Melissa at 814-332-9009 or email
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