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Why Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Residents of Thoburn Village getting ready to go fishing.

Life is in part a series of plans. We excitedly plan for careers, weddings, children and dreams of retirement. When we plan well, we tend to experience great results. Retirement planning typically begins with finances. We work to accumulate a nest egg to ensure enough resources to enjoy ourselves and feel secure. Unfortunately, this is where the planning often ends. The financial aspect may be in place, but no thought goes into how we might live in a way that prolongs independence and ensures future security. Why is that?

Well, frankly, we do not like to think or even talk about aging or any type of health decline. However, this is a critical time in life to plan well, especially if you want to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible and remain in control of decisions.

Most retirees reach a point where less home maintenance is desired. Golf clubs, grandkids, or travel destinations beckon. You finally have time to do what you choose. Who wants to be stuck at home cleaning, making repairs or mowing the lawn? This search for a simpler life yields many options. There are smaller houses, condos, and apartments to pick from. These choices may reduce maintenance, but that is all. What do you do if your health takes a turn?

Only a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as Wesbury offers the solution.

Many assume that CCRC’s are only for those with health care needs and dismiss the option, determining that they will not move into a community until they “need” to. It is important to understand that those who wait until they “need” to move will likely require personal care or even skilled nursing care at that point. So why should you consider moving to a CCRC?

Moving to an apartment or a condo is a quick fix but moving to residential living at Wesbury’s Thoburn Village is about selecting a lifestyle that fits your dreams for today and your needs for tomorrow. Wesbury’s campus offers 64 houses and 16 apartments with a variety of floor plans. While the home you choose to live in is yours to decorate as you wish, the maintenance, taxes and responsibilities are Wesbury’s to resolve. Take that trip you have always dreamed of, renew your interest in a favorite hobby, or spend more time with family and friends. Additionally, enjoy free local transportation, fitness programs, educational opportunities, entertainment, and many amenities. Have the security of knowing that by choosing a CCRC, you will not need to face the research and planning of another move if you begin to require more services over time. A CCRC offers far more than just a smaller place to live.

Statistics show that you can stay independent longer with the services that are built into communities like Wesbury’s Thoburn Village.
For example, if you:

Later on if you reach a point where you need regular assistance with daily tasks, you can move internally on campus to Cribbs Residential Center for personal care or Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center for skilled nursing care.

Life throws us some challenges, but a CCRC has the components to help you navigate these challenges while staying within the community you have come to call home.

To learn more, or schedule a tour, please call Melissa at 814-332-9009 or email:

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