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Mock interviews

Prior to the 2022/2023 school year, Wesbury Human Resources Recruiter, Michelle Sciallo, reached out to Eileen Mullen, Program Coordinator from the Crawford County K-12 Career Education Alliance, to see if they needed more volunteers for their Mock Interview program in area high schools: Maplewood, Cambridge Springs, Saegertown, Conneaut Area Senior High, Meadville, and Cochranton.

Designed for students who see graduation on the horizon and are potentially looking at entering the workforce, local business professionals, like Michelle, volunteer to simulate the interview process from start to finish. Cues like introductions, shaking hands, and making eye contact as well as the actual interview are emphasized and critiqued.

During the Mock Interviews, volunteers will coach students on how to respond to direct-answer questions, how to use perceived weaknesses in their favor, and go over their resumes to discuss ways to make them stand out to potential employers. Michelle uses actual interview sheets from Wesbury to give the students a real-life experience and then grades them based on their resumes and how well they did during the interview process.

Post interviews, the students, their teachers, and volunteer professionals come together for discussion. Some of the advice varies from showing up on time and sending follow-up emails to the expectations once candidates are hired by an employer. Michelle explains to the students that they should be authentic whether as an employee or candidate, and that attendance, work ethic, and teamwork are crucial to being successful in any position they may obtain.

“This is a great opportunity for Wesbury,” says Michelle. “This program allows us to build relationships with the school counselors, other area business professionals, and meet prospective candidates. Many of these students are not aware of what Wesbury is, let alone what career opportunities we offer, prior to speaking with me, and I have made actual job offers at Mock Interviews.”

Aside from being a great networking and recruitment opportunity for area students, this program is designed to set up the next-generation workforce for success, and Wesbury is proud to be there assisting.

Interested in working at Wesbury? Call or text Michelle at 814-795-2808 today!

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