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Are You Worried About a Friend, a Neighbor or Loved One?

As winter sets in with all of its quiet beauty, we crave warm comfort food and cozy evenings with our families. But, this isn’t the experience for all. Many people, especially seniors, find they feel isolated, lonely and frustrated when the snow begins to fall. Simple tasks like getting the mail and taking out the garbage become a burden. They fear falling on ice and wonder how to get their driveway shoveled out. The inability to get groceries or run errands may cause them to miss important appointments or not eat properly. Loneliness, lack of proper nutrition, and stimulation can attribute to increased risk of physical and mental decline. Seniors sometimes feel that their world is getting smaller and smaller, and often they are right.

When this occurs, they find that they need support from someone to help them manage their daily needs. Today neighbors are usually working full time or running their children here and there, and families are spread across the country and not easily available. It is hard to feel helpless. Harder yet is the feeling that you are a burden to anyone, or that you can’t manage anymore. For this reason along with the fear of losing independence, many seniors do not want to consider making a move to change their circumstances. But when they do, they find renewed health and wellbeing. They also feel much more in control where the included amenities allow them to regain independence – because they no longer have to ask for help from others. If you are feeling this way, or have a neighbor, friend or family member who you are worried about, consider Winter at Wesbury. A warm and safe environment with friendly neighbors and meaningful activities that includes meals, housekeeping and laundry services. Transportation to appointments and shopping is provided. For those who bring a car, cars are kept clear of snow and ice so they may come and go as they please. Personal care can be added for those who require assistance.

Gone are the worries about trudging through the snow or trying to get help from a neighbor or family member! Gone are the worries of declining health and mental wellbeing due to isolation!

Other options include respite or trial stays available for any reason any time of year. Whether you are a caregiver that needs a break or has a vacation planned, your loved one needs a change of scenery and more interaction, or you wish to try out the lifestyle at Wesbury before committing to a permanent move, consider a respite or winter stay for the length of time that you prefer. Simply bring your suitcase, we will provide the rest!

For more information, contact Melissa at 814-332-9009 or email
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