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On Giving Tuesday – Wesbury Salutes its Sunset Auxiliary!

Dear Friends,

“Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts”

Wesbury’s Sunset Auxiliary is an amazing group of people who constantly and quietly give of themselves to enhance the lives of Wesbury’s long-term care and personal care residents. 

An all-volunteer organization, the Auxiliary operates a year-round gift shop and spends hours upon hours sorting, pricing, and selling donated items at their Furniture, Rummage/Book, and Holiday Sales. With the public’s support, this year alone, the Auxiliary used sale proceeds and monetary donations to purchase a computerized projector system for Grace Barco Chapel, a sophisticated bath/spa for Grace residents, and new tents for future sales and resident events. 

Please imagine for a moment…imagine what it means for residents to follow along with and participate in church services and concerts. Imagine the luxury of a soothing bath on an aching body. Imagine eating a BBQ dinner on a hot July day, protected by shady tents.

This year, instead of giving to Wesbury on Giving Tuesday, we ask you to consider giving to the Sunset Auxiliary. Supporting their mission is the best way we can thank them and show them our appreciation. And, since (100%) of your donation goes directly to the Auxiliary, it’s a great way for you to enhance the lives of Wesbury residents.

To give to the Sunset Auxiliary, please visit https://wesbury.com/make-a-donation/ Select “other options,” “Direct my gift elsewhere,” and type Auxiliary. Alternatively, checks dated November 28 and made payable to the Sunset Auxiliary may be mailed to the Wesbury Foundation at 31 N. Park Ave, Meadville, PA 16335.

Thank you for your support!

If you have questions please contact the Wesbury Foundation Office by email at foundation@wesbury.com or call 814-332-9381
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