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Congratulations to All Employees Who Reached Milestone Years of Service in 2021!

The 2021 Wesbury Employee Recognition Week was held October 17th through October 23rd. Employees who reached milestone years with Wesbury were recognized for their years of service and are listed below.

If you are celebrating one year or an increment of five years we thank you for being a part of our team that helps to support so many residents and their families!


Tammy Jacobs

Sharon Marburger

Ella Mattocks


Vicki Bradshaw


Karla Edwards

Ava Barba

Karen Roxberry


Autumn Murray

Tiffany Hosick

Darlene Means


Jessica Reynolds

Mark Getchell

Melissa Cornwell

Amanda Sloat

Thomas Moyer

Barbara Worley

Lori Bartone

Lisa Burrows


Bridgette Reynolds

Pamela Brocklehurst

Stephen Patterson

Lachelle Lindsey

Ava-Ann Forbes

Theresa Estes

Brandon Davis

Lea Barger

Paul Pittsenbarger, Jr.

Kevin Hamilton

Adillia Morian

Amelia Hamilton

Jason Flanagan

Nicole Hanna

Joetta Robison

Leslie Egli

Stacey Sabruno

Jennifer Hansen

Eric Hart

1 Year

Kelsey Jenkins

Ella Shetler

Ashley Cline

Natalie Hoy

Valerie Nelson

Terri Rosa

Hannah Fisher

Jasmyne Barksdale

Stephanie Custer

Julie Peterson

Nicole Crawford

Shandi Brown

Karen Geiger

Ashley Merritt

Celina Dennis

Sarah Seeley

Josie Thompson

Nathan Held

Melinda Rice

Emily Main

Lydia Betts

Carson Custard

Elaine Lannon

Perry Knickerbocker

Abigail Mosbacher

Jacqueline Palmer

Brian Britton

Rebecca Guianen

Destanie Hill

Addison Goodrum

Cierra O’Neal

Madison Blood

Robert Stout

Francisco Baez, Jr.

Lualhati Edwards

Ashley Jackson

Michael McKenzie

Kaylee Rea

Breanna Anglin

Mariah Davis

Lisa Frost

Joshua Sciallo

Shirley Prenatt

Maddison Scott

Megan Scott

Jennifer Stein

Karlie Schnauber

Candace Shelton

Remilee Taylor

Michelle Thomas

Grace Digiacomo

Kala Hurd

Garian Pinckney

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