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Wesbury Staff Honored for 2021 Senior Tribute

The month of October is always a special time as we celebrate the anniversary of Wesbury’s founding in 1918 with our Annual Senior Tribute Banquet and Fundraising Event. Each year, we come together at this event to honor and celebrate the extraordinary endeavors of our friends and neighbors who do great things for seniors in our communities. Although we cannot gather together due to the pandemic, we can still honor the extraordinary people that deserve recognition for their commitment to serving seniors.

For 2021, we decided there was no group more worthy of receiving this tribute than the entire Wesbury staff!

In Their Own Words, Wesbury Residents Express Their Gratitude to the Entire Wesbury Staff.

Next Year, Shine a Light on Someone Deserving You Know!

Wesbury is always seeking nominations of extraordinary adults, age 65 or over, or of a group or organization that is doing things for seniors for our Annual Senior Tribute Awards. They may be a friend, a neighbor, a relative, or a group from your church or club. The only criteria for nominations are these extraordinary individuals are 65 or older, or be a group or organization that is doing things for seniors. The deadline for submitting nominations is July 31, 2022.

The nomination forms can be downloaded here, or they can simply be written on a sheet of paper and mailed to The Wesbury Foundation, 31 North Park Ave., Meadville, PA. 16335

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