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Wesbury Chaplain, Rev. Sam Marchetta, has established several opportunities to spiritually encourage the entire Wesbury community. From time to time, we are all in need of a little extra support, and Rev. Sam is here to be that spiritual anchor for the Wesbury community. During some of our most stressful times, he is available to pray and support either in-person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Residents and staff can dial extension 9800 to find “Inspiration for You,” where every day there is a new devotional reading, and on Wesbury’s Prayer Line; prayers are available for those in need of a prayer for the day.

In 2020 Rev. Sam started something new for Wesbury employees. He sends out a weekly email devotional to provide food for thought during some of our most stressful times. Encouraged by the positive responses he received; Sam thought it would be great if he could share these with the whole Wesbury community. He feels the Wesbury community is not limited to our campus as we feel anyone with a connection to Wesbury is a part of it. In order to reach everyone, Rev. Sam records these weekly devotionals and posts them to our Facebook page. So whether you’re a resident, family member, volunteer, former resident, or staff, or just a friend of Wesbury, we want to be there to support you and offer some encouraging words.

You can check out Rev. Sam’s videos every Monday morning, just hit “like” on the Wesbury Retirement Community Facebook page and scroll to find him.

 “The devotionals on Facebook are not meant to be a sermon or a lengthy exegesis of scripture, but a brief message of encouragement that is applicable no matter one’s faith background,” says Rev. Sam. “My hope is that it serves as a weekly reminder that God understands the depths of our struggles, and promises to journey with us through life’s challenges. Problems and challenges are unavoidable, but so also is God’s goodness.”

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