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Thank You 2020 Employee Honorees

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to make many changes around the Wesbury community.  This includes our annual Employee Recognition celebration.  Unfortunately, we could not gather and recognize our employees as we have in years past.  This year, we held a week long “Employee Recognition and Celebration” in November to thank our employees, who see more than just themselves to support and comfort residents during this stressful time, and for all the hard work and dedication they put in to keep residents safe.

Employees who have reached milestone years with Wesbury were recognized for their years of service and are listed below.


Diane Burchill


Mary Sopher

Debra Conrad


Regina Collins


Sherry Alter


Catherine Kiser


Cheryl Mantzell

Jeffery Longstreth

Paul Smith

Sharon Stang

Jeanette Osborne


Gwen Smith

Joe Pears

Tamara Guelich

MaryJo Lohrer

Shannon Perry

Kenneth Stewart

Joseph Palmiero


Jessica Williams

Walter Peterson

Louise Baker

Paula DeMaison

Ashley Fontanez

Kimberley White

Telford Kunselman

Stacy Edwards

Colleen Viscusi

Stacey Hoey

Gregory Brink

Michael Kaputa


Thomas Harmison

Sheila Jordan

Patricia Maziarz

Alicia Staats

Paula Lucas

Rick Slagle

Jamie Draa

Heather Pierce

David Gill

Wanda Hopkins

Sherri Southwick

Bridget Barickman

Sabrina Pratt

Sharon Clayton

Lloyd Gilson

Teresa Lauderman

Sherry Brown

Rebecca Coon

Shannon Nicol

Toni Brink

Kala Evans

Laura Greco

Elizabeth Heath

Laurie Beatty

Alishia Stevenson

1 Year

Ashley Shoey

Adam Riddle

Nina Roggenkamp

Corrine Perrye

Sabrina Ritteger

Rhonda Acker

Richard Powers

Tara Shay

Tina Learn

Brody Price

Julie Stroup

Daynna English

Danielle Crago

Kathryn Bausch

Druann Hollabaugh

Johnna Boughner

Helen Tjokro

Nicole Winiecke

Brenda Starcher

Nenita Beary

Darlene West

Bethany Evans

Sarah Nageotte

Tabatha Waid

Ashley Stefanko

Jonathan Nageotte

Justin Reynolds

Connor Palmiero

Sara Cotherman

Hayley Nuzback

Debbie Cole

Shannon Heckman

Robin Hogue

Marissa Nellis

Riley Olson

Brenda Greenawald

Angel Daly

Jennifer Davis

Robin Sliker

Tyler Bloom

Kaylee English

Kimberly Gaus

Madison Palmiero

Jordan Powell

Rachel Claspy

Aryana McCarl

Kaleigh Vannort

Rachel Sandberg

James Veith

Michelle Blair

Lumilla Daniels

Dawn Martin

Sunshine Stafford

John Stearns

Madison Bartholomew

Zackaria Furry

Kelly Mumford

Lauren Turner

Mark Wilkinson

Christy Bosko

Dessie Rosipko

Hannah Manross

Marli McGowan

Haleigh Smith

Christina Dickson

Patricia Huddleson

Haiku Peters

Alexcia Vosburgh

Paulette Griffith

Bobbie Luce

Lisa Maddy

Katlyn McCaffrey

Tanae Moody

Susan McGirr

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