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Resident Builds Prayer Garden During Pandemic

Retired Methodist Minister, Tom and his wife Carolyn Montgomery had long-term plans of moving to Thoburn Village from Syracuse, NY. To familiarize themselves with the community, they began taking trips with the Wesbury Travelers. In 2018, after being on the waitlist, they received a call for a villa that would become their new home. With renovations to the villa underway, the Montgomery’s decided to join a Wesbury adventure through the Finger Lakes region. While touring the Seward Mansion, Tom looked out of the back window at the beautiful fountain and jokingly said to Melissa Porter, VP of Sales and Marketing, “Do you think Wesbury will put something in like that for us?” Although in jest at the time, the idea of a fountain and prayer garden burned in Tom’s mind as they settled into their new home.The Montgomery’s had a prayer garden in the backyard of their home in Syracuse and had planned to make a similar one at their Thoburn Village villa. With the PA Stay at Home Order in place, Tom thought it was the right time to design his vision, a “Fountain of Life Prayer Garden” that would mark their second anniversary of moving to Wesbury. When their stimulus money came, Tom figured the right thing to do was to put that money back into the economy, so he went to Home Depot and got the ball rolling by purchasing the fountain and block materials to build the pool.

After a couple of weeks, neighbors and others walking by began to see the fruits of Tom’s labor. The fountain is now flowing, the pool is full of water, the bricks are in place, and seating for a place of prayer and meditation have been added. Tom says, “There is something soothing about sitting and just listening to the water, especially during this unprecedented time.”

Because of all that has been happening around the world, Tom and Carolyn decided they would like to dedicate their prayer garden to the glory of God in honor of their Wesbury family, especially the administration and staff who they feel have kept them and their fellow residents safe through this challenging time.

The Montgomery’s welcome everyone to use their “Fountain of Life Prayer Garden,” as a holy and sacred space for prayer, whenever they feel the need. The Montgomery’s also promise that whenever they see anyone reflecting in the prayer garden, they will also pray for God’s blessing on them.

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