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A Gift of Comfort and Improved Health

For 66 years, the funds raised by Wesbury’s Sunset Auxiliary go to purchasing items that support Wesbury residents and staff. They raise these funds through their various bake sales, the Granny’s Attic Rummage and Used Book Sales at Wesbury’s Annual Chicken BBQ and Craft Fair, at their Annual Holiday Sale and at the Sunset Auxiliary Gift Shoppe.

When the Sunset Auxiliary put out the call to see what they might purchase for the needs of the residents, they got an unusual request. In past years, proceeds raised by the Auxiliary went toward things like golf carts, paving the nature trail and blanket warmers. This year, it was a bladder scanner.

While a bladder scanner does not sound like a fun purchase, for those who need it, it will be viewed as a wonderful gift!

This excellent tool works like an ultrasound to show nursing staff if a resident is retaining fluid in the bladder. Before getting this equipment, nursing staff had to perform an invasive procedure which was not only uncomfortable but added the risk of introducing infection causing bacteria resulting in the need to take antibiotics. With the bladder scanner, nursing staff is now able to simply scan a wand over the lower abdomen to identify if any fluid is being retained.

“Being in charge of Infection Prevention and Antibiotic Stewardship at Wesbury, I feel the positive benefits of this equipment will help reduce the risk of possible infections and potentially reduce antibiotic use while improving resident comfort.” said Autumn Ferringer, Assistant Director of Nursing after hearing the scanner was chosen.

After being in use for only a few months, the bladder scanner is proving to be everything that was hoped for! Thank you to the Sunset Auxiliary and all those who support their fundraising endeavors that help in providing a more positive experience for all those living at Wesbury. We look forward to seeing you at all of their 2020 events.

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