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Staying Active – Healthy Speaker Series Recap

May’s Healthy Living Program Series “Staying Active” was presented by Autumn Ferringer, Wesbury’s Assistant Director of Nursing.  Autumn’s presentation targeted exercise myths and facts and how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Exercise Myths and Facts

Myth: Adults do not need exercise

Fact: A three day hospital stay can cause a mobility loss up to 70%.  It is important to exercise to build up muscle to increase strength, agility and mobility. Exercise also helps you sleep better, enhances brain function, improves your mood and helps you lose weight.

Myth: Exercise can increase your risk of falling

Fact: Exercise increases strength, flexibility and balance in your legs and core decreasing your risk of falling.  If you are worried about injuring yourself speak with your doctor or physical therapist about exercises you can and can’t do.  Start with small exercises. Once you reach your goal and feel comfortable increase your number of repetitions or walking distance.

Myth: You can’t exercise sitting down.

Fact: There are plenty of exercises and stretches you can do sitting down. If you are worried about losing balance while exercising, sitting in a chair allows you to work your arms and legs without this fear.  Hand weights or resistance bands are a good way to sit and work your arm muscles.  Use 1 to 3 pound weights.  Even getting in and out of your chair five to ten times a day will help strengthen your legs.

Myth: People think they are too old to exercise.

Fact: Humans are meant to be active, and you’re never too old to start exercising! By not moving around and being active it can speed up the aging process, and cause depression, chronic health diseases and weight gain.

How to Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine

  • Take a few extra steps each day.
  • Instead of taking an elevator – take the stairs.
  • Take an exercise class at your local gym, YMCA or Senior Center such as water aerobics, Yoga, Tai chi, Silver Sneakers, Zumba Gold, etc…
  • Go for a walk with friends or family.  Having an exercise buddy can help motivate you and it also provides socialization.

Note: Please see your doctor with any health concerns or questions regarding exercise. 

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