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Do You Know What You Would Do In Case of a Caregiver Emergency?

You are the main caregiver for your mom, dad or loved one and suddenly find out you need surgery, or have an accident that puts you in the hospital.  Do you have a plan for the person relying on you for meals, transportation, or assisting with medications?

No one wants to think about being in crisis mode but unfortunately it could happen and it’s important to have a plan.

Do you have friends or family members that can fill in for a short period of time?

If you do not, and if your loved one can’t stay at home by themselves it is good to interview potential caregivers, and research in-home care agencies and retirement communities with respite care to know what options are out there.

Is there paperwork you could fill out beforehand that the agency or facility can keep on file in case of a need?

Ask what type of time frame they need to either supplement caregivers or setup for respite care.

Do you have all of your loved ones important documents in a file or binder for easy access in case of an emergency?

Make sure you tell another family member or trusted friend where this information is kept and provide a copy of it in advance to the person or organizations that would provide the care in your absence.

These include:
  • List of Contacts: Emergency contacts, pharmacy information and a list of physicians with phone numbers and addresses.
  • Copies of important documents: Such as powers of attorney and advanced directives, insurance cards, and long-term insurance care policy, if your loved one has this type of insurance.
  • Healthcare information and medications list: Include a list of current medications including dosages and time of day taken,  special diets, allergies, medical history such as past illnesses, diagnosis, and surgeries, and any treatments they are currently receiving.
  • Appointments Calendar and Schedule: Listing of appointments each month, location and contact information.  Do they have a routine at home that they follow?  It is good to make note of this as well to help keep them the same routine while you are absent to lessen their anxiety.
  • A back-up plan: If you would like more information on in-home care please call Wesbury at Home at 814-332-9186.  For more information regarding respite stays offered at Wesbury call 814-332-9009, or submit a request for information here.
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