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Working at Wesbury Is More Than Just a Paycheck

In today’s fast-paced world, for some employees, it is easy for the grass to appear greener in other yards. The idea of someone staying with the same employer for over a quarter century or more sounds pretty rare. People may stay within their field of study, experience, or expertise, but it is not often with the same organization. At Wesbury, we are proud to have many dedicated staff members who have made long-term careers with us, and we are always looking for people who may be willing to continue with that practice of longevity in our environment of care.

“I often tell potential employees, it doesn’t matter what department you serve in, but there are two characteristics of success in this environment. Number one, know how to form relationships and number two, be compassionate.” Says Rick York, Vice President of Human Resources.

At Wesbury, our staff is in service to all residents and their families, no matter the level of care or lifestyle option. This creates a wide array of opportunities for people looking to start a career in areas ranging from health care to culinary or maintenance and housekeeping.

“I was 17 when I first started working as a CNA at Wesbury, I left to work in acute care for a bit after nursing school but always knew I would be returning. Looking back, I can honestly say, Wesbury allowed me to grow as a person here,” says Autumn Ferringer RN, WCC, CWCA, CDP, QA/Infection Prevention. “Wesbury is a wonderful place to try different avenues of service and it has always been about the relationships cultivated between the staff and the resident and their families. These relationships are unique to a continuing care community as you have the time to build them; unlike in acute care, you may see a patient one day, and they are discharged the next; this work environment is special.”

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, please click here to view current job openings and complete your application today!
If you have any questions please call 814-332-9000, or toll free at 877-937-2879 and ask the Switchboard to connect you with HR.
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