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Why We Chose Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center

“Truly, home is in your heart and your head,” says Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center Admission Coordinator. “We can play a big part in making that sentiment a reality when people can no longer remain in their home, or just need rehab, we become familiar to them when they work with us before a transition. This is a big step in making Grace become home.”

How many times have you heard a loved one or a friend say “I want to go to a nursing home”? Probably a lot fewer times than we hear people say the opposite statement, and in most cases, it’s one of the last places someone wants to “end up.” When an individual finds themselves in a position where they need a short rehabilitation or long-term care stay, typically it’s challenging to patients and their families to make the decision of where to go. Often they must decide within a couple hours’ notice when already in a hospital setting. Going from the hospital to a “home” other than their own is certainly not a situation that most people imagine for themselves, but by doing some pre-planning, patients and their families can ease some of the stress of making that decision.

People come to Grace for a variety of reasons, some are for a short time to heal, others are to manage more chronic conditions that make life outside of a long-term care setting nearly impossible. At Wesbury, we are known for making as many accommodations and programs as we can to give residents the things they need to make life better.

Here are the thoughts of a few Grace residents on why they chose Wesbury.

A year and a half ago, I ended up in the Emergency Room at the hospital and was told that I need to go to a nursing home. I did do a short stay on Grace’s Town Square neighborhood a while back, and it was a good thing we kicked it around and talked about it before because my wife was at home with dementia and I was taking care of her. When we called different places about whether we could stay together as a couple, we were told they often split up husbands and wives and wouldn’t let them share a room. We chose Wesbury, because unlike those other places, we can be together in the same room. This has been a big help for my wife and me. We’ve been married for 59 years, and she depends on me because she doesn’t remember things and being together here brings a sense of familiarity for her and peace of mind for me. I’m able to look out for her and have the support of the staff when it is needed.

- Charles

Things changed for us about 15 years ago when I became the main caregiver for my wife as she was becoming more and more limited in what she could do. I did all of the housework, prepared the food, bought the food and did all the outside work. She actually came to Grace first as she was falling a lot and I would have to get neighbors to help me. It got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore, and she needed to be somewhere she could be safe. After a month of her being here and for me, at 94 being alone, it was more and more difficult to work around the house, go to the store, drive, and eventually because of my legs and hips not working like they used to, I fell and came close to doing some serious damage to myself. It was an intolerable position to be in. Now that I am living at Wesbury with my wife, it’s nice that they provide a lot of activities, though it’s also nice to have my personal time. Wesbury has made nice accommodations so we can stay together and the staff is helpful when we need them. I have no complaints, but I am a realist with a good attitude, so I have resigned myself that we are going to be here and make the best of our living arrangements. Home is where you feel safe and secure, and we have that here.

- James

I grew up in Stone United Methodist Church, and my family lived in the apartment at the church, so I always knew about the Methodist Home (Wesbury). In fact, I figured there would be a point when I would live here, and at 96, I have now lived at Grace for about four years, and I like it fine. I choose to be here because of a couple of reasons: all the positive things I have heard in the community about Wesbury caring for people and because I get along with others, especially the staff. It’s nice because most of them will do whatever they can to help me and the other residents out. We have things we want to do, and if we aren’t feeling like participating in some activities, that’s okay. We can sit one out and maybe join in tomorrow. Being around so many people and having some of my belongings here, really makes Wesbury home for me.

- Howard

Not everyone makes the choice for themselves to come to Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center.

It is important for people to have some level of control in their lives even in the face of a transition to a care environment. By having a plan in place, they have already begun taking control. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Admissions, at 814-332-9233.

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