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Making the Right Choice Proves its Value and Provides Peace of Mind

Rev. Harry and Margot Stoll –Thoburn Village

The Reverend Harry Stoll and his wife, Margot, have always felt moving to Wesbury almost 20 years ago was a great decision, but sometimes it takes a potential tragedy to really solidify the right choice in your mind. The Stolls had spent most of their careers in upstate New York. Harry was getting ready to retire from 34 years of ministry in the United Methodist Church when they began looking into continuing care retirement communities. The Stolls actually had no connection to Meadville when they decided to call Wesbury home, the area happened to meet their criteria. They wanted to be within a close driving range of Cleveland because Margot’s mother lived there, and they wanted to be close to the Chautauqua Institute in Western New York. Each is less than a 2-hour drive from Meadville. The Stolls also wanted to live in a college town for cultural and educational events and after years of living in parsonages, Harry and Margot wanted to build their own house that could also serve as home base while they pursued their dream to travel. With Allegheny College right down the road and Wesbury giving them approval to build, they made their decision and gained the freedom to travel the world, which they did extensively.

Over the years, The Stolls enjoyed the benefits of living in a retirement community. They relished in the maintenance-free lifestyle, not having to work on their home when they needed a repair, not having to shovel snow from the walkway and driveway as well as being able to talk to someone immediately if a healthcare issue arose. They also took advantage of being able to commit their free time to volunteering around Wesbury as well as the Meadville community. Harry joined Rotary, taught music to children of the Wesbury-Allegheny Afterschool Arts Program and served as the Wesbury Resident Council President for 15 years. Margot joined the Sunset Auxiliary and continues to work at the Sunset Auxiliary Gift Shoppe in Grace Health Center every Saturday. Between their traveling and volunteering, The Stolls epitomized the meaning of independent retirement living.

This past summer, Harry nodded off while driving back from their annual trip to Chautauqua. Their car veered off the road and hit a tree. They did sustain injuries that required medical attention, and were very lucky the accident was not any worse. Harry and Margot have decided to stop driving, but thanks to the transportation services at Wesbury, they have not slowed down. They continue to travel with the annual Wesbury and Active Aging trips and use Wesbury’s transportation services to go to the grocery store, medical appointments and to further destinations like Pittsburgh. Valesky’s can deliver groceries and Northwest Pharmacy Solutions can deliver medications right to their door. Because Rotary and Sunset Auxiliary meet right on campus, it’s easy for Harry and Margot to stay involved and volunteer. They can also attend church services at the Wesbury Chapel and enjoy activities and social occasions at the clubhouse. Essentially, The Stolls are now using the programs and services that drew them to a continuing care community two decades ago. “We recognize the likelihood of needing help as we age.” states Harry, adding, “We do not have any local family, but are comfortable because we know we are living in the right place where when something happens, Wesbury can provide whatever services and security that we need.”

For more information about Wesbury’s Thoburn Village call Melissa at 814-332-9009.

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