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Paul and Pat Rose – Thoburn Village

Focusing on family has always been the priority for Paul and Pat Rose. Living in Erie, they spent many hours travelling to Cleveland and Meadville to attend their grandchildren’s band concerts and sporting events. Once their daughter-in-law’s parents, Richard and Joanne Hartung, moved to Wesbury’s Thoburn Village they began encouraging the Rose’s to do the same, as they often traveled together to support their Grandkids. Paul and Pat were ready to live near their children, and be free of home maintenance, but Pat’s elderly Mother was living in Erie and they needed to remain close to her. Caring for Pat’s Mom helped them see the importance of having their own plan in place for the future. “At some point you realize that you’re getting older and things are not as easy as they used to be,” acknowledged Paul, “little things started to emerge and we do not want to burden our kids.”

Last November, they made an appointment to tour an available Villa expecting that they might make a decision by spring. However, as soon as Pat saw the open kitchen and generous pantry, she was sold! The move would also allow them to focus on their hobbies. Pat would have her own sewing room and Paul, a fifteen year member of the Presque Isle Woodturners Club, could pursue his passion in the spacious garage, or Wesbury’s Woodshop. They decided to list their house the following Saturday and began to plan and pack. To their surprise, they received an offer and in a matter of days it sold! “It was just meant to be,” commented Paul.

Living in Meadville, they attend more school events and visit their teenage grandsons, Kyle and Nick frequently. “The kids call us and the Hartung’s their ‘hardcore grandparents’ because wherever they go, we are there to support them!” says Pat. The group travels to volleyball tournaments, cross country meets and attends the Trinity Lutheran Church together. Wesbury’s location allows them quick access to the interstate and an easy drive to Erie, Cleveland or Pittsburgh. Now, when their daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters arrive from Cleveland there is plenty of room. “The kids play games in the dining room while the adults visit in the living room,” observes Pat, “and it’s large enough that I can host holiday meals”; something she thought she would have to give up with her growing family and previous home.

It’s also comforting to Paul and Pat knowing Wesbury will be there for them as they age, and that the kids will be close by and comfortable visiting them here. Recently, during a family get together in their new home, Paul and Pat looked around the table relishing how good they felt and said “Well, I think we did the right thing,” and the family unanimously answered in a resounding chorus of “YES!”

If you would like to discover the freedom to focus on family consider the villas at Wesbury’s Thoburn Village. For more information call Melissa at 814-332-9009.

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