Meadville Medical Center and Wesbury Retirement Community Collaborating to Stop COVID

Meadville Medical Center (MMC), in collaboration with Wesbury Retirement Community (Wesbury), today announced a joint effort to manage the surge of COVID-19 patients in Crawford County.

“The two organizations are providing mutual aid in order to maximize the overall capacity and efficiency of healthcare services in Crawford County in the battle against COVID-19,” said Philip Pandolph, Chief Executive Officer at MMC.

Under the guidance of Dr. David Williams, who is lead attending physician of Wesbury’s COVID-19 unit, a multidisciplinary team from MMC is available for supplemental support to residents who are positive with COVID-19.  The team, consisting of MMC Pulmonologist, Dr. Andra Fee, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and infectious disease specialists, complete routine rounding of residents and is available, as needed.

“The challenge that COVID-19 puts on care facilities can be extensive.  The dedication and commitment of our staff has quickly become apparent,” said Brian Nageotte, President and CEO at Wesbury.  He continued, “The ability to provide such a high level of medical attention onsite will benefit not only the residents but staff and community as well.”

Residents who return to Wesbury from being an inpatient at MMC, along with any post-acute care patients who transfer to Wesbury, are all placed into a unit specifically designed to treat and manage individuals with COVID-19.

“Cohorting residents who have COVID-19 is a very important step for both treatment and limiting spread of the virus.  Combining this with excellent medical attention, negative air pressure rooms for isolation, a highly trained staff and thoughtfully designed procedures we are confident that our residents are safe,” said Sheila Bundy, Director of Healthcare Services at Wesbury.

Both MMC and Wesbury have initiated monoclonal antibody infusions for treatment of individuals most at risk to develop serious illness associated with COVID-19.  Monoclonal antibodies assist the immune system with fighting off viruses, and on November 9, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Agency approved use of the monoclonal antibody Bamlanivimab for treatment of COVID-19 in adult and pediatric patients.

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