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Celebrating Wesbury’s 100 Years…Built on Giving!

Wesbury celebrated their 2017 Donor Recognition Luncheon on April 11, 2018 revisiting the past 100 years of giving that has made Wesbury what it is today.

A Message from the President

Brian NageotteIt is hard for me to wrap my head around everything that has taken place for Wesbury to reach this 100-year milestone. Imagine all the time, vision, hard work, support, and generosity that took place throughout this journey. In preparing for Wesbury’s 100-year celebration, one thing that cannot go unnoticed is the substantial impact donors have made throughout our history. Wesbury’s success comes from not only financial donations but from those willing to give of their time, knowledge, and maybe most importantly, their passion. For us, the story of Wesbury starts with the gift of the original Cribbs Home given by Hyatt M. Cribbs in 1918.  But, it also took the vision and courage of the members of the Methodist Conference to accept the gift and set forth on the path to creating a place for area seniors in-need to reside. The next step was to raise the funds necessary to furnish and operate the new home. The importance of the support of individuals and businesses cannot be overstated. That is how we have reached this point in our journey and it is how we will successfully navigate the next 100 years.

On behalf of our residents, staff, and board of directors, I would like to thank you for your continued support of Wesbury. In addition, thank you for your confidence in the programs and services we offer, which allows us to continue our mission now and into the future.

With much gratitude,

Brian S. Nageotte


The Wesbury Foundation is a separate corporation whose mission is to make friends and raise funds for the residents of Wesbury United Methodist Retirement Community. If you would like to contribute to the Wesbury Foundation your donation will help provide programs and services to those who call Wesbury “home”.  Make a donation today by downloading a PDF of Wesbury’s Donation form  and mail your donation to the Wesbury Foundation, or make a contribution online.


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