CNA Training Class Information

Get MORE out of your career by becoming a Certified Nurse Aide!

For more information or to become a candidate for the upcoming Certified Nurse Aide class please contact Michelle Sciallo at 814-332-9263.

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CNA Class Details:

Paid Classes run 18 days and include 120 hours as follows: 9 days of classroom theory and lab work, 8 days of clinical experience followed by testing, and graduation.

Classroom hours: Monday through Friday 8AM – 4:30PM

Clinical hours: Monday through Friday, 7:00AM – 3:30PM

Location: Wesbury 31 N. Park Ave, Meadville PA 16335

What does it cost?

The program is free. Attendees must be an employee of Wesbury or intend to become an employee of Wesbury upon registering.

What is the training schedule?
  • 40 Hours Classroom (9 Days of Theory)
  • 25 Hours of Lab (hours are dispersed during the 9 theory days)
  • 55 Hours of Clinical (Day 10-17)
  • Day 18 will be for Testing and completion of Paperwork
  • Day 19 (Graduation with receipt of Diplomas)

120 Hours Total

* Students cannot miss any time during training!

Do I get paid while taking the class?


Class participants will be hired as a Personal Care Aide (PCA) at $11.00 /hour during the 18 days of class/clinical time. Additionally,  they are  encouraged to work as a PCA outside of class time at $11.00/hour. Once the course is completed, they become a Nurse Aide Trainee and receive a rate of $12.25/hour. Once officially licensed as a CNA they will be paid at the entry level CNA wage of $13.50/hour. Shift differentials will be offered.

Are the classes large?

The Class size will include no more than 10 participants.

When is the next class?

Additional classes are schedule periodically throughout the year. If you are unable to attend this class, but are interested in future classes, please contact Michelle Sciallo at 814-332-9263.

How do I apply?

For more information or to become a candidate for the upcoming Certified Nurse Aide class please contact Michelle Sciallo at 814-332-9263.

Why Should I Choose this Program?

  • The classroom and clinical training (120 hours) will prepare you to take the PA State Nurse Aide Certification Exam.
  • The training is provided here at Wesbury. Therefore, you will be in a familiar setting learning alongside your future teammates.
  • Wesbury covers the cost of the training after successfully working 260 hours ($1377 savings).
  • Wesbury purchases vouchers for employees to register for the state written and skills exams ($102 savings).
  • Successfully enrolling and completing the training program and passing the state exam = rewarding career as a State Certified Nurse Aide!
  • You will be ready for a rewarding career in healthcare.

What Will I Learn During the CNA Class?

Class theory (40 hours), Lab (25 hours), and Clinical (55 hours) will cover:

  • Role and function of a CNA
  • Communication
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Emergencies
  • Resident Abuse
  • Resident Rights
  • Resident Independence
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Safe Clean Environment
  • Personal Care
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Death & Dying
  • Restorative Care
  • Mental Health

Nurse Aide Training Requirements

1.)  PA Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

  • Must be obtained through Pennsylvania State Police within 1 year prior to the start of class.
  • If you have not been a resident of Pennsylvania for the last 2 consecutive years, you will also need an FBI background check.
  • The trainee is responsible for paying for the CHRI.

2.) Physical Exam:

  •  Must confirm your ability to physically perform the duties of a nurse aide and are free of communicable diseases.
  • Wesbury will arrange for and cover the cost of this exam.

3.) Tuberculosis screening: A 2-step TB test will be provided by Wesbury.
4.) Entrance Exam: All applicants must be able to read, write, and speak English.
5.) Uniform: Scrubs, sneakers, and a wristwatch are required to be worn during training, and are the responsibility of the candidate to supply.
6.) Age: 17 years or older.

What are CNA Duties and Responsibilities?

CNA Job Summary:

Assists residents with activities of daily living, providing nursing care and related services as is necessary to meet the personal needs and comfort of the residents, and assist in maintenance of a safe, clean environment under the direction of a licensed nurse.


CNA Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide for personal hygiene care, which may include, complete or partial bath, back care, oral hygiene, combing hair, shaving, toileting, dressing resident, changing bed linen, and other general care as is necessary.
  • Performs routine treatment procedures including, application of appliances for heat/cold-routine skin care, and other minor skin treatments.
  • Takes and/or records temperature, pulse, respiration, height, weight, and intake/output. Maintains elimination, restraint, and appetite records. Reports variations from the normal.
  • Prepares residents for meals, serves and assist with meals, provides feeding assistance when necessary.
  • Promptly answers resident call bells, anticipates resident needs, and makes rounds to assigned residents.
  • Assists residents with handling and care of clothing and other personal property including dentures, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and prosthetic devices.
  • Transports resident to and from various units and other areas of the Facility.
  • Regularly provides for residents activities and comfort, according to residents tolerance levels for example; up with assistance, ambulation, positioning.
  • Assists staff nurses in treatment procedures and collection of specimens.
  • Participates in and contributes to resident care plans.
  • Reports any changes observed in condition or behavior of residents and/or any unusual incidents.
  • Participates in both diversion and planned activities.
  • Ensures that the bedside articles and resident call bell are always within reach and available for use.
  • Provides for resident privacy at all times, knocking before entering room, closing room doors, pulling cubicle curtains before providing care.
  • Establishes and maintains interpersonal relationships with residents assuring confidentiality of resident information.
  • Assists in maintaining a safe and clean environment by cleaning and straightening of rooms, reporting equipment that is out of order and other problems to Nurse Manager or nurse in charge and appropriate handling of clean and dirty linens, take soiled linens, personal laundry and trash to designated areas.
  • Attends in-service education programs as assigned/required.
  • Ability to document care using computer system.
  • Provides direct restorative care. Specific care will include: participate with the Rise and Shine morning program, complete passive and active ROM to bilateral upper and lower extremities, ambulation, bed mobility, communications, transfers, positioning techniques, splints, ADL training, restorative dining and assistive feeding devices/adaptive equipment.
*CNA Non-Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1.)  May accompany resident on appointments outside of the facility.

2.)  All other duties as assigned.

CNA Working Conditions:

Works in a clean, well-heated, well-lighted, and well-ventilated building. Prolonged standing and walking, repeated bending, squatting, stooping, exposure to all resident elements including infection, odors and to peculiarities in behavior and reactions of the elderly, assists with emergencies and in restraining violent or combative residents.

CNA Qualifications Necessary to Perform Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Completion of state approved Nurse Aide training course.
  • Must be deemed competent to be placed on the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide registry within four months from date of hire.
  • Sense of responsibility, moral integrity, and common sense.
  • Sincere desire to work with elderly.
  • Patience and compassion essential.
  • Pleasant, cheerful, tactful, courteous when handling residents and/or families.
  • Willingness to cooperate with other personnel and work as an effective team.
  • Ability to treat patient information confidentially.
  • Must be able to lift, turn, and reposition residents both alone and with assistance with and without the use of mechanical devices.
  • Must be able to perform the physical requirements of the position, including lifting residents with help.
  • Must be able to perform the essential functions of the position without posing a direct threat of harm to themselves, others or property.
  • Must adhere to Wesbury personnel policies and practices including, but not limited to, the attendance requirements.
Supervision Received:

Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Director of Nursing following established procedures.

  • Wesbury offers a competitive wage based on experience.
  • Shift differential for evening and night shifts.
  • 403b retirement fund with ER contribution.
  • Vacation, sick, and holiday pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I work as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)?
  • You will work as a PCA until you begin class.
  • You may choose to continue working as a PCA while in class.
How much will I earn as PCA?

PCA Rate is $11.00 an hour.

The advertisement mentioned $13.50/hr. Why will I only be paid $11.00?
  • A PCA position is limited by state regulations and cannot perform the duties of a CNA.
  • You will need to become a state certified nurse aide to earn $13.50/hour.
What is expected of me as PCA?

Duties will be shift specific, including but not limited to:

  • Make unoccupied beds.
  • Pass water, ice, linen, meal trays, and nourishment.
  • Clean closets, drawers, and put residents belongings away.
  • Transport residents to therapy, activities, meals, and accompany them to outside appointments.
  • Pass linens.
  • Stock resident’s rooms with needed supplies.
  • Label personal items.
  • Pass snacks.
  • Answer call bells and provide assistance.
  • Stock blanket warmer.
  • Engage in activities with residents.
  • Fill linen carts.
  • Make sure Safety equipment is in place and working properly.
  • Complete audits.
If I am hired to work as a PCA, will I automatically be enrolled in the next class?
  • No.
  • You are being given an opportunity to see if working in long-term care is right for you.
  • Wesbury will take this opportunity to see if you are the right fit for us.
  • You will be required to obtain satisfactory references from your coworkers and supervisors prior to starting class.
What happens when I successfully pass the nurse aide class?
  • You become a Nurse Aide Trainee (NAT).
  • You can begin to perform CNA duties under supervision.
  • Your rate of pay increases to $12.25/ hour.
How long will I be a Nurse Aide Trainee?
  • You will be a NAT until you pass your PA state exam.
  • You must pass your exam within 120 days.
Who pays for the Exam?
  • Wesbury will pay the $102 fee for your exam.
What happens if I fail the exam?
  • You will have three chances to pass the exam.
What if I am not certified within the 120 days?
  • After 120 days, you can no longer work as a NAT.
  • Your pay rate will drop to $11.00.
  • Wesbury will evaluate your situation to determine whether you can temporarily work as a PCA.
  • Wesbury does not have permanent PCA positions.