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Vaccine Information and Consent Forms

January 14, 2020

Covid Vaccinations:

We are pleased to announce that were are able to offer the COVID-19 Vaccine to all residents of Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care as well as all staff. This started  on December 28/29th and continues as directed by CVS.

The vaccine requires 2 doses administered 3 weeks apart. It is estimated to take about 2 months for the vaccine to take effect and for the vaccinated individual to be immunized. It has not been confirmed  as to how long the vaccine remains effective. It is also undetermined if the vaccine will prevent the vaccinated person from contracting the virus and spreading it. It is only known at this time to prevent or minimize symptoms.

For those residents of Grace and Cribbs and all staff that did not get vaccinated thus far, please contact the Covid Team (814-332-9015) to inquire about future opportunities.  

How does the vaccine effect visitation?

We are enthusiastic about this news and are optimistic that these vaccines will begin the careful process of returning some normalcy to our daily lives over time. At this time there is no indication from our regulatory authorities as to how and when this will change our facility operation or visitation. Currently are required to remain closed to visitors. We can offer virtual visits. We can also offer socially distanced in person visits at Cribbs. Grace will not be permitted to enter the reopening plan, which allows for in person visits, until they have gone 14 days with no new cases.


We understand that some may be concerned about the safety of the new vaccines, as they have been developed and tested far more quickly than those in the past. The CDC has advised that the safety of the vaccine has been extensively reviewed by numerous agencies and will continue to be monitored once administration occurs.

Please review this Q and A about the vaccine.

Those who wish to receive the vaccine must complete and return the consent form .  If you need the form, stop at the Grace Lobby or download and complete the consent form below and email it to back us so we can get you or your loved one scheduled. You may email it to info@wesbury.com or print and mail to Wesbury, attention Sheila Bundy, 31 N. Park Ave. Meadville, PA. 16335.

Staff/resident Consent Form

Staff Declination Form

Resident/Responsible Party Consent Form

Resident/Responsible Party Declination form

These vaccines are a worldwide, unprecedented scientific achievement. To ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine, we are encouraging all eligible staff and residents to participate. If you have questions, please call 814-332-9015 and the COVID Team will get back to you.

The Wesbury Response to COVID-19

Providing a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff is our greatest concern. Wesbury Administration is following guidance and direction from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), PA Department of Human Services (DHS), and PA Department of Health (DOH), which continues to evolve.

Through this difficult time, our staff has shown extraordinary compassion and dedication to ensure the well-being of Wesbury residents. The outpouring of support and prayers from the resident families and the community has been incredible, and we are deeply grateful.

As we learn of a positive COVID-19 case, we are implementing procedures designed to mitigate the spread of the virus. They include:

  • Public health officials are notified as required, and all procedures recommended by the CDC and Department of Health are implemented.
  • Positive Residents are isolated.
  • Doors to the entrance of affected neighborhoods are closed to restrict the area and are put on the proper precautions following a Green/Yellow/Red precautionary zone plan. No unauthorized staff or residents are permitted to enter an affected neighborhood.
  • Staff members providing care for COVID-19 residents or working in a precautionary zone are utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the virus is not spread to other residents or staff.
  • Staff assigned to care for persons with COVID-19 have a designated entrance and exit to eliminate contact with other staff and residents.
  • We have a designated internal COVID-19 response team that meets daily. Additionally, we collaborate with community leaders to review our pandemic plan and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Ongoing testing will continue as required.
  • It is Wesbury’s desire to be transparent with our need to protect the privacy of the residents we serve. In order to respect privacy, we are unable to release more detailed information.

Wesbury COVID-19 Positive Information: Date of last new positive cases: January 18, 2021

The data on this page is monitored daily and updated when new information comes available. The date reflects the most current data. New Wesbury Resident and New Individuals Admitted with Covid are included in the Total Active Resident Cases. Cumulative totals reflect all resident and admitted positive cases since March 13, 2020.

Grace Rehabilitation and Health CenterCribbs Residential Center
New Wesbury Resident Cases 00
New Individuals Admitted w/ Covid 0Does not occur
 Active Resident & Admitted Cases4N/A*
Cumulative Resident & Admitted Cases131 ( 26 admitted)6 (all inactive)
New Staff Cases 00
Active Staff Cases40
Cumulative Staff Cases884

*Cribbs positive residents are moved to COVID Unit at Grace then counted in Grace Active and Cumulative cases.

Wesbury News and Information

Please click on the links below for current information.


The Administration and staff at Wesbury would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us to provide care for your loved one during these uncertain times. We feel that family visitation is very important. Your patience as we navigate the ever-changing guidance to provide various forms of that visitation is greatly appreciated.

Visitation is available by pre-scheduled appointment. Available options days and times vary by care level and location. Call for current scheduling options. Further instruction will be provided when your visit has been scheduled.

We currently offer visits as follows:

  • Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center offers Skype and FaceTime visits.
  • Cribbs Residential Center offers indoor distanced visits, Skype, and FaceTime visits.
  • Care Cottages offer closed window/door visits, Skype, and FaceTime visits.

Visitors who wish to bring items for a resident must drop the items off at the Grace Lobby to be sanitized and delivered.

Visits may be scheduled by calling 814-332-9014 for Grace/Memory Support, 814-332-9294 for Cribbs, and 814-332-9186 for the Care Cottages.

+Current Regulatory Guidelines, Restrictions, and Limitations in Effect

The Wesbury leadership team and emergency preparedness team continue to monitor guidance from regulatory authorities on the potential spread of COVID-19 and prepare for the potential of cases in our county and facility.

  • To communicate with residents, we offer Skype, and FaceTime video call appointments. Window and distance indoor visits are also permitted but restrictions may vary by care level and location. See “Visitation” for current visit offerings. Pre-scheduled appointments are required. To schedule an appointment for Grace or Memory Support call 814-332-9014, for appointments at Cribbs call 814-332-9294, and for appointments at a Care Cottage call 814-332-9055.
  • We must remain closed to all in-room visitation with the exception of end of life situations and approved personnel.
  • Approved visitors are screened and are provided with the appropriate protective equipment.
  • The only entrance that may be utilized is Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center front lobby.
  • All who enter the Wesbury campus and/or Grace Lobby are asked to wear a mask upon entry.
  • Staff is screened before starting their shift.
  • Resident windows are not to be approached due to visitor safety and patient privacy.
  • Family transportation for residents to medical and other appointments is suspended.
  • Families are permitted to drop items off for Cribbs and Grace Residents at Grace Lobby daily between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Items must be labeled. Go into Grace Lobby and follow the signs. There are no restrictions. Homemade foods, fresh flowers, and produce are permitted. Call 814-332-9000 with questions.
  • Resident Laundry may only be laundered by Wesbury.
  • In response to social distancing, the activities teams are providing virtual ways to stay active.
  • All speakers, outside groups, and events are canceled.
  • We are seeking donations of homemade masks and safety gear such as safety glasses, goggles, Tyvek suits, non-latex gloves. Please bring your donations to the Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center front lobby entrance.
+Resident Item Drop-Off Information

Starting June 29th, Wesbury is permitting families to drop off items for residents of Cribbs and Grace any day of the week during Grace Lobby hours which are 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., or by appointment. Deliveries may be unattended for a period of time at the drop location. If there is an item of value, families should call the switchboard and make special arrangements at 814-332-9000.

When dropping off items:

  • Families making deliveries must be masked. Come into the Grace Lobby entrance and take the items directly to the counter to the right of the entrance. There will be a sign pointing to the counter and signs on the counter.
  • Items must be labeled, if they are not, there are labels and pens available at the counter.
  • Staff will disinfect items and see that they are delivered.
+Request for Homemade Masks

We need your help! Wesbury is calling for volunteers to make washable masks. They do need to be made from 100% cotton fabric. Click on the instructions below to learn how to make them; the instructions were created by Meadville resident, Darcie Schoenfeldt-White. Any donations to Wesbury can be dropped off at the front lobby area of Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center. Thank you.

How to Make a Face Mask

+Request for Personal Protection Equipment

Wesbury is seeking donations or opportunities to purchase (from businesses) any masks, non-latex gloves, goggles, safety glasses, and isolation gowns/Tyvek suits (like painters or construction workers might use). Wesbury is also calling for donations of any materials for making washable masks. These items include 100% cotton material, elastics strips, and pipe cleaners. For purchasing opportunities contact Justin Reynolds at email: jhreynolds@wesbury.com, or phone: 814-332-9337. Any donations to Wesbury can be dropped off at the front lobby area of Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center. Thank you.

To stay informed, continually monitor our website, Facebook page (search for Wesbury Retirement Community), or call the Wesbury Coronavirus Update Line at 814-332-9015 to hear a recorded message with the latest updates. You may leave a message on this line with questions and concerns. We will respond as soon as possible.

Automated communication: In the event that we have an important announcement, illness, or emergency, we will use an automated system to send out a timely and consistent phone message to the responsible party and first emergency contacts. Texts will be from an 800 number, and calls will come from 814-332-9015. If you have any questions, please call 814-332-9238.

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this time. We will make every effort to make updates as changes occur. If you have any further questions, please contact Administrators Larry Marsteller at 814-332-9520 or Sheila Bundy at 814-332-9142.

Thank you for your dedication to the safety of our community!

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