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January 14, 2020   |   Blog, Employment

Do You Remember Why You Became a Nurse?

At Wesbury, on any given day, you will see the difference staff makes in the lives of those they serve because they live out this scripture in their... Continue Reading »

October 23, 2019   |   Blog, Employment

A Career of Compassion

With a growing senior population, the nation is facing a large need for health care workers. For those considering a career, health care is... Continue Reading »

October 10, 2019   |   Employment, Press Releases

Employees Honored at Wesbury’s 2019 Employee Recognition Event

Wesbury’s Employee Recognition event was held yesterday afternoon.  We would like to thank everyone recognized at the event for their hard... Continue Reading »

July 15, 2019   |   Blog, Caregiver Support, Employment, In-Home Care

Wesbury at Home: A Companion’s Story

For 25 years, Joetta Robison had an office job working in accounts payable. After she retired, she would frequently spend time visiting with... Continue Reading »

November 2, 2018   |   Blog, Employment

Employees Honored at Wesbury’s 2018 Employee Recognition Event for Their Continued Commitment to Residents at Wesbury

In October Wesbury employees were recognized for their continued commitment to the residents at Wesbury. Pictured are some of our 5 to... Continue Reading »

September 20, 2018   |   Blog, Employment

Working at Wesbury Is More Than Just a Paycheck

In today’s fast-paced world, for some employees, it is easy for the grass to appear greener in other yards. The idea of someone staying with the... Continue Reading »
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