Wesbury at Home Services

Why Choose Wesbury at Home

When you wish to stay in your home but need support to make that possible, let Wesbury come to you. Companions can assist with household chores like light housekeeping and caring for plants and pets. We can provide support with medication, bathing, and dressing. We can help you to appointments, take you shopping and go out to dinner or a movie. We will also deliver fresh hot home cooked meals right to your door! Don’t choose just anyone to come into your home, choose Wesbury at Home backed by over 100 years of experience.

Who We Hire

Our Staff is required to complete a PA Criminal Background check, TB testing, and drug testing to ensure the safety for your loved one.  Every staff member is required to complete 12 continuing education credits per year to stay up to date in credentials and training.

Wesbury at Home Services

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+ Companion Service

Receive personal care such as assistance with hygiene and nutrition in addition to support, companionship and help with daily chores. Hours are flexible, and scheduling is personalized to meet the needs of each participant. Overnight stays can be arranged.

Companion duties may include:

  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, grooming, dressing and assist with medication reminders.
  • Assist with managing incontinence with appropriate products and procedures.
  • Monitor eating, drinking and adherence to special diets and conditions, and assist with meal preparation.
  • Assist in physical activities such as walking   and stretching. Assist in following a doctor prescribed home exercise program as per your Physical or Occupational Therapist’s care plan.
  • Provide companionship by reading the daily paper, books, magazines, playing board games, dominoes and cards, or having fun with crafts/projects and activities.
  • Assist with grocery lists, shopping and food prep.
  • Assist with laundry, linens, bed changes, etc.
  • Dust, mop, run vacuum, clean as specified by the client. Do dishes. Take out the trash.
  • Escort to medical appointments.
  • Accompany to activities, sporting events, the library, luncheons, theatrical performances, religious services, or other social events.
  • Provide respite to family and/or caregivers.
  • Caring for pets including feeding, exercising, cleaning litter boxes, cleaning bird cages, taking to grooming or veterinarian appointments.
Companion Rates
  • $22.50/hr. – 7 days/week
  • Holidays are 1 1/2 times the regular hourly rate

NOTE: Mileage fees may also apply.

Companion Services are available in Crawford County.

+ Home Delivered Meals

Home style, full course meals are prepared fresh daily at Wesbury and are available for a midday delivery to your home, six days a week, Monday through Saturday, including holidays. For a lighter option, clients may choose from an Ala Cart menu. Special needs diets are carefully evaluated and managed by Wesbury’s own registered dietitian.

Scheduling for meal delivery is flexible, and the service may be used daily, weekly, or on an occasional basis. Prices are very reasonable and clients benefit from Wesbury’s reputation for providing quality food service.

Wesbury Home-Delivered Meals Rates

Hot Meal of the Day: $7.99 per meal plus tax

Includes: Main entrée, two sides, salad and dessert

Ala Cart Menu Options: $6.99 per meal plus tax

  • Option A: Choice of Sandwich: (chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, sliced ham or turkey), chips, cup of soup or fruit cup, and dessert of the day or cookie
  • Option B: Choice of Wrap: (Chicken Ranch or BLT), chips, cottage cheese or salad of the day, and cookie, piece of fruit, or dessert of the day.
  • Option C: Choice of 6-inch Hoagie: (Italian, ham & cheese, turkey & cheese), chips, cup of soup or salad of the day, and cookie or piece of fruit
  • Option D: Bowl of soup of the day, salad of the day or cottage cheese with fruit, and dessert of the day or cookie.
  • Option E: Signature salad of the day and cookie or dessert of the day.

Delivery Fee: 0-15 miles: $2.00, 16-30 miles: $3.00, $1.00 additional for holiday delivery.

No delivery fee for Wesbury residents

+ Housekeeping

Wesbury’s own professionally trained staff provides superior attention to detail while meeting all of your housekeeping and laundry needs.  Scheduling is personalized and flexible. Seasonal spring or fall cleaning is also available.

Housekeeping Rates
  • $18.55/hr. Monday through Friday
  • Holidays are 1 1/2 times the regular hourly rate

NOTE: Mileage fees may also apply.

+ Personalized Emergency Response System

Around-the-clock security and peace of mind are at your fingertips with Wesbury LifeAid, Wesbury at Home’s emergency response program.

Options include:

Traditional In-Home Landline Unit

  • Utilizes and requires standard landline phone service in the home to communicate with the monitoring center; connects to a power outlet and active wall jack to provide service.
  • Pendant is waterproof; battery lasts up to 4 years and can be worn as a necklace or wristband; up to 500 square feet pendant range from the base console.

Cellular Based In-Home Unit

  • Wireless unit that does not require landline phone service.
  • Equipped with a SIM card to utilize AT&T cell tower; (not dependent on the users cell phone or service). Simple install, needs to be connected to power outlet and switched “ON”.
  • Pendant is waterproof; battery lasts up to 5 years and can be worn as a necklace or wristband; up to 650 square feet pendant range from the base console.

Premium Mobile Device (GPS)

  • GPS-enabled and is geared toward the more active person, who doesn’t spend the majority of their time inside of their home.
  • In the event of an emergency, the person would press the button on their pendant and communicate with the monitoring center. If they are unable to communicate or are unsure where they are located, the GPS capabilities will tell emergency responders where to go.

Fall Detection Pendant

  • Mechanism inside of the help button uses changes of speed and motion to determine if a fall has occurred.
  • If a fall occurs, it should automatically activate the unit without a button press.
  • Available for all units.

Extra Help Button

  • When there is more than one person living in the home, they do not need a separate unit.  They simply need a second help pendant.

Bathroom/Hallway Button

  • Extra help buttons designed to be placed in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Lock Box

  • A lock box stores keys to the home on its exterior allowing caregivers  and emergency responders to access the home quickly without having to force entry.

LifeAid Personal Emergency Response Systems Rates

  • Traditional in-home landline unit – $34.95
  • Cellular based in-home unit – $42.95
  • Premium mobile device (GPS) – $44.95
  • Fall detection pendant – $7.00
  • Extra help button – $3.99
  • Bathroom/hallway button – $3.49
  • Lock box – $2.99

NOTE: Contracts and fees are month to month.

+ Medication Management

Wesbury at Home partners with Northwest Pharmacy Solutions to assist with medication management such as:

  • Filling med boxes
  • Calling in prescriptions
  • Calling physicians

Please call Wesbury at Home, 814-332-9186 for more information.

Payments Options

While most Wesbury at Home services are billed directly to the customer, some services may be covered by one or more of the following options: your Long Term Care Insurance policy, the PA Waiver Program or Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefits. For details, contact your Wesbury at Home representative.

Contact Us

For more information on Wesbury at Home Services, call 814-332-9186, visit us at 31 N Park Ave, Meadville, PA 16335 or email us at wesburyathome@wesbury.com.