VNA Alliance

When  therapies or continued health care are prescribed by a physician, VNA Alliance provides in-home skilled nursing care as well as in-home physical, occupational, speech therapies, palliative care and a medical social worker. VNA Alliance is a partnership of Wesbury, Meadville Medical Center, Grove City Medical Center, St. Paul’s Home of Greenville and Concordia Visiting Nurses of Butler.  Wesbury works with VNA Alliance in conjunction with Help at Home with Wesbury, to offer the support needed to go home, be safe and continue healing. These medical services require a prescription from your doctor and are typically covered by your health insurance and are brought to you in your home. With Wesbury and its partnerships, you will be secure knowing you will not need to question “What do I do now?” as changes in health and circumstances occur.

For more information about VNA Alliance, call 814-333-7000, or visit