Making a move often feels overwhelming causing many to delay their decision. Residents at Wesbury’s Cribbs Residential Center made the choice for a variety of reasons. In their own words, let them put you at ease as they share their points of view.

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“I wasn’t able to live alone and I knew Wesbury was where I wanted to go.”

“I was living in Erie and visited Wesbury with my church group. I really connected with the spiritual care and loved the chapel at Cribbs. My children love that I am here and I have everything I could possibly need. The pharmacy delivers to my door, the laundry staff comes and gets my clothes, and the food is delicious. For me, living at Cribbs couldn’t be nicer. There are no worries here, this is my home now and I love it.”

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“I am glad my wife and I made the decision to move to Wesbury when we did instead  of putting it on hold.”

“There are opportunities and activities one can get involved with every day, but you can also do the things you want to do on your own. I am able to continue doing the art projects I enjoy. I take walks or spend time relaxing in the beauty of the campus. In reality, I’m not sure we would be doing as well as we are today living in a private home away from Wesbury.”

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“I enjoy living at Wesbury very much and moving to Cribbs really brought me out of my funk.”

“I was living alone in town and things were okay until the bad weather came, then I had to rely on my son to help me out. I started to have health issues and it became difficult to maneuver around my townhouse. I found myself doing less and less. I knew it was time for a move; my son recommended Cribbs. I didn’t know anyone but I kept an open mind, and it turned out great! I just enjoy being here with everybody and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As you can see, choosing Wesbury’s Cribbs Residential Center makes life a little easier, a little safer, but never compromises your independence and choices.

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