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February 7, 2020   |    Blog, Employment

Whatever You Do, Work at It With All Your Heart -Colossians 3:23

At Wesbury, on any given day, you will see the difference staff makes in the lives of those they serve because they live out this scripture in their work. Working together as a team, their commitment is evident to all who call Wesbury home. To many of the direct care staff, their career is more than just a paycheck, it’s a calling. We asked a few to give us their thoughts on why they chose to become a nurse or nurse aide and why they continue to work at Wesbury when there are so many opportunities to choose from. Below are their answers in their own words:

“What made me go into nursing is I always knew I enjoyed taking care of people. Being at Wesbury, I get to see people get better and rehabilitate; I get to see progress. Wesbury took time and invested in me to help me be where I am right now. There’s a lot of responsibility, but I feel like what you put into Wesbury, you get out of Wesbury. Most of all, it feels like a family environment from my co-workers to the residents…it really does.”

Katie Pennington, Cribbs Residential Center CNA/Med Tech

“I jumped into Wesbury’s CNA program very sporadically. I thought to myself, “I think I want to be a nurse, I am not 100% sure, but let’s try it!” Had I not tried it here, I wouldn’t have tried anywhere else. I have been employed at Wesbury for four and a half years and in that time, Wesbury has really helped me in my schooling journey. I started as a CNA and then went on to LPN school. I am currently enrolled in college to become a Registered Nurse. Working here and going to school, I have been provided opportunities to work in the skilled and personal care facilities where I get to experience two different aspects of nursing. The care is very different in both settings. Here, I am able to connect and bond with the residents in a much different way than my counterparts who work in a hospital. I have worked here for four and a half years and it feels like a logical decision for me to stay. I have formed really strong bonds and attachments to residents and with my co-workers, so it is not something I want to give up.”

David Gill, LPN Village Center Neighborhood

“Wesbury is full of people that care about each other whether you are a resident or an employee. Before I went into nursing, I felt like something was missing, there was a void inside of me and what I was longing for was that fulfillment that nursing provides. That purpose in my life, that outlet for the overflow of my heart, being a nurse provides that human connection like no other job can. I chose to work at Wesbury because it is a faith-based organization, and to me, nursing is a natural extension of Christ’s commandment that we love one another as he has loved us. The people that I care for have become the people that I care about, and the people I look forward to seeing every day. I want to spend my time with them.”

Emilie Vaughan, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager College Way Neighborhood

One of the great things that sets Wesbury apart is the Christian mission which is carried out by employees who have sought a place to work where they can build relationships with those they serve. This love of service makes all the difference in what residents and families experience when they need care.

If you or someone you know is seeking a fulfilling change of pace, or considering a career in nursing,  Let’s talk about how Wesbury can be the reason you became a nurse. Call Alishia at 814-332-9781 and schedule an appointment today!