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January 14, 2020   |    Blog, Employment

Do You Remember Why You Became a Nurse?

At Wesbury, on any given day, you will see the difference staff makes in the lives of those they serve because they live out this scripture in their work. Working together as a team, their commitment is evident to all who call Wesbury home. To many of the direct care staff, their career is more than just a paycheck, it’s a calling. We asked a few to give us their thoughts on why they chose to become a nurse or nurse aide and why they continue to work at Wesbury when there are so many opportunities to choose from. Below are their answers in their own words:

“To Help Fulfill Other’s Lives Clinically, Emotionally & Spiritually”

“To Have a Fulfilling Career”

“A Desire to Serve”

If any of these statements are your answer to “Why I became a nurse?”, we want you on our Wesbury team.

You will be part of a team with a deep commitment to providing quality care. A career at Wesbury is more than just a paycheck. But we do understand the paycheck is important, so we offer competitive wages, shift differentials and flexible work schedules.

Call Alishia at 814-332-9781 or email and schedule an appointment today! Let’s talk about how caring for Wesbury residents can be the reason you became a nurse.