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October 23, 2019   |    Blog, Employment

A Career of Compassion

With a growing senior population, the nation is facing a large need for health care workers. For those considering a career, health care is certainly an area of opportunity. In order to meet our own staff needs and to support the community, Wesbury offers Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) classes, graduating several groups a year. We also work with the local Vo-Tech and colleges. There have been many stories of staff who started at Wesbury in an entry level position that were touched by the fulfillment of caring for others and were encouraged to continue their education and career growth.

One such story is that of Mikaela Miller, RN, who first came to Wesbury as a Licensed Practical Nurse. “Two years after working as an LPN at Wesbury, I decided to go back to school to become a Registered Nurse. Wesbury worked with my schedule so I could take classes full-time and still maintain my job. It’s such a good atmosphere to work in. I love my co-workers, they are extremely supportive, they work as a team, and the residents are awesome! My Nurse Manager, Charlie Peirsel, had a big impact on me wanting to be an RN. I watched her interact with the residents, manage her floor and she is just wonderful. I decided I wanted to be a great RN just like her. During nursing school, I would stop in her office and she always gave me confidence and told me I was going to do fine and be a great nurse. This job is very rewarding and the residents are so wonderful. They have such neat stories and are fun to be with just like the rest of the team. Nursing is tough, but the rewards are worth it!”

Working with seniors is truly rewarding. They share the gift of their life experiences and wisdom. When you work in someone’s “home” it’s so much more than just “going to work” it’s being a part of a big extended family.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, please click here to view current job openings and complete your application today!
! Becoming a Certified Nurse Aid can be a great way to get started.  Read more about our CNA Training Program.  If you have any questions please call 814-332-9000, or toll free at 877-937-2879 and ask the Switchboard to connect you with HR.  Wesbury is an Equal Opportunity Employer.