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October 16, 2019   |    Community Involvement, Press Releases, Ways to Give

Congratulations to the Honorees Recognized at Wesbury’s Annual Senior Tribute!

On Thursday, October 10th, Wesbury recognized the community service efforts of Connie McIntyre, Ceil Marsteller, Mark Roche, Paul Sallade & the Mustard Seed Mission, and the Wesbury/Juvenile Probation Mealtime with Mentors at it’s Annual Senior Tribute Banquet and Auction.  The event was held at the Iroquois Club in Conneaut Lake.

We all know people or groups who amaze us with their talent, generosity and selflessness.  They may be a friend, a neighbor, a relative or someone from your workplace or church.  Each year, Wesbury seeks to find these extraordinary individuals, aged 65 or over; or extraordinary groups or organizations with members of any age.  The nominees are honored by allowing Wesbury to tell their stories and applaud their contributions at the Annual Senior Tribute.  The event is truly inspiring and not only spotlights these unsung heroes but also serves as a fundraiser for Wesbury’s benevolent care fund, which helps support Wesbury residents who have outlived their financial resources and require charitable care.

Connie McIntyre

Since 1992, Connie McIntyre has been Executive Director at Associated Charities. For over a century, Associated Charities has spearheaded community programs that serve the Titusville area. Their mission is “Providing a helping hand to those in need.” Few agencies cover the spectrum of services which encompasses Associated Charities’ network of assistance. As its leader, it is Connie who coordinates all of their work, literally helping thousands of people, young and old, in her time at Associated Charities.

Ceil Marsteller

 Always willing to put service to others before her own needs, Ceil Marsteller is grounded by her Christian beliefs and Catholic faith. For Ceil, the real value and importance of her volunteering is the joy and fulfillment of supporting others. She will be the first to tell you that she feels like she is one who receives much more than she gives.

Mark Roche

Mark Roche says, “When You live in a small town long enough….you end up wearing a lot of hats.” And he certainly does that. For his entire life, the Cochranton community has made an impact on Mark. It is where he was born and raised. He is a hometown guy. In his adult life, he has worked to make Cochranton a great place to live. He is a business owner and community volunteer. He is also a coach, a civic leader, and a historian. His community is essential to Mark….and Mark is vital to the Cochranton community.

Paul Sallade & the Mustard Seed Mission

Mustard Seed Mission was conceived with the hope for collaboration between local government entities and area churches that would help to support the neediest living in Venango County. Over the past seven years, they have provided services to more than 1,000 area individuals and families. Volunteer Paul Sallade was there from the start. As Home Repair Project Supervisor, Paul is considered “the face” of Mustard Seed Mission in the community. Paul says his work with Mustard Seed Mission is the opportunity to share his time and talents with people who need help. To Paul, being a part of Mustard Seed Mission is experiencing God’s love in action.

Wesbury/Juvenile Probation Mealtime with Mentors

Designed to be an intergenerational mentoring and incentive program for troubled youth in the juvenile probation system and seniors living and/or volunteering at Wesbury, “Mealtime with Mentors” is a collaborative effort between the Crawford County Juvenile Probation Office and Wesbury. Held at Wesbury’s Thoburn Village Clubhouse; senior mentors and their youth mentees came together to prepare, cook, and share a meal. Through meeting with their mentors, the youths experience a relationship with a non-parent adult, effectively adapt and cope with stress, increase their self-esteem, increase their civic engagement, and understand and implement appropriate social behaviors and appropriate boundaries.