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July 31, 2019   |    Blog, Ways to Give

Why We Give…In Our Own Words

Each year, Wesbury receives the support of many generous individuals, organizations, and businesses who believe in our mission of providing quality healthcare, independence, dignity, and life enrichment in a Christian environment to those who to call Wesbury home. We asked Wesbury supporters to give us a bit of insight into why they choose to make Wesbury a part of their charitable giving in their own words…

John Guenther (Former Wesbury Employee)

A primary reason I support Wesbury is because they supported me. I was 64 years old and was recovering from cancer. I needed a job, and I knew Wesbury was looking for a driver. They hired me and provided me with six and a half years of income that I wouldn’t have had. It has been five years since I retired and I just feel that I would like to continue to give back to show my appreciation for what they did for me. Those years were very substantial for me and helped me do a lot of things I may not have been able to do otherwise. Wesbury is near and dear to me, and down the road, Wesbury may have to help my wife or me again sometime. We may get to the point where we need care and need to go someplace. I tell people about Wesbury, and even though I no longer work there, I still know people that live there, I miss seeing them, and I know that their need for support to continue to provide care doesn’t end.

Debbie Price (Wesbury Employee)

Paying it forward is very important to me. I have instilled it in my son to give back to the world. You can do it with money. You can do it with your time. At Wesbury, you can even do it with donated items for garage sales. So, when someone says they really can’t give, there are more ways to support than just money. You can help The Wesbury Foundation in many different ways, and I believe as employees we should remember that. Wesbury does a lot for us. Whether its holiday gift cards or days off when you need it…I mean, I worked for myself for 25 years. I had no paid vacations, I didn’t have insurance. People sometimes don’t realize what those things are worth. I think it brings more meaning to your life to give to other people and try to make a difference. If we all did a little bit, then the world would be a better place.


Ardelle Johnson (Wesbury Traveler)

The way I was brought up, if you see someone in need, you share with them what you can. In other words, give what you can and help other people.  Like when you are a child and have a toy, you share it with someone who doesn’t have one to play with it. There are several reasons I choose to support Wesbury, a big one being that I am a Methodist. Their United Methodist roots are extremely important to me.  I have also had friends who lived at Wesbury and feel that every little bit that I can donate can help some of the residents who are in need. I have traveled with Wesbury on a few of their trips. My first was the cruise up the New England coast, and I am going to Alaska with Wesbury this summer. These trips have been great. Our fellow travelers are good people, and we have a fun time. It is also nice to know that while we are experiencing an exciting vacation, others will benefit from our trip through Wesbury’s Benevolent Care Fund.

Sam Strangis (Wesbury Resident)

Giving back is important to me, and my family. I give the credit to my wife, Kathleen, who ingrained the concept of helping others in our six daughters, who have raised their own families with that same charitable philosophy. My family members support the Wesbury Foundation because they are so happy I chose to move here when I did. I had been living alone for five years on our family’s land, a place they all loved so much, and I decided it was time to go somewhere where I would not be alone, enjoy the community while I could, and have the support I need around me when I need it. None of them live nearby, so they were worried. With me living at Wesbury, they are so happy and don’t have to worry. They are so impressed that no matter what happens to me, I am going to be taken care of. If I need to transition to another area, I have that here, and so do so many of my friends and neighbors. My family wants to make sure that this mission continues. They also like to come to visit and support the bigger Wesbury events like the Christmas Party and Chicken BBQ. It means the world to have my family make the trip here to walk in the Chicken Run with me knowing it helps other residents.

Gary DeSantis (Meadville Business Owner)

DeSantis Janitor Supply and its successor DeSantis Solutions supports Wesbury because it has been a powerful and important factor in the lives of our community members. We have seen what Wesbury has done in its impressive past, and we are convinced that there is much more Wesbury will continue to do in the lives of all residents who call the Wesbury community home. Additionally, Wesbury makes a tremendous contribution to the economic welfare of our city, county, and region in payroll and operating purchases and expenses. We have benefitted by Wesbury’s generous support, and plan to continue our support of this community treasure and pray for its continued success.

If you would like more information about you can support Wesbury’s mission, phone The Wesbury Foundation at (814) 332-9264 or email