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April 24, 2019   |    Blog, Caregiver Support, Enhanced Living and PC

Curious About Respite Stays at Cribbs Residential Center? Learn How a Short-Stay is a Good Way of Seeing the Wesbury Lifestyle

Jacque Byrns first respite stay at Wesbury’s Cribbs Residential Center was after a 10-day hospital stay. According to Jacque, she really wasn’t feeling well and needed a bit more recovery time before heading home and thought, after talking with her social worker, a stay at Cribbs would be just what she needed. The following year, Jacque was back at Wesbury, this time for a short therapy stay at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center that was followed by a second healing respite stay at Cribbs. At her home in Titusville, Jacque was in a good position. She had the full support of her family. Her house was located right next door to her daughter’s business, so her daughter checked on her needs daily. She no longer drove, but could walk to church two blocks away every Sunday, and had access to other downtown amenities … during good weather. Still, after her second stay at Cribbs, she began to have a shift in her lifestyle perspective. “I realized everything I could possibly need is at Wesbury,” says Jacque. A few months later she made a permanent move, and couldn’t be more pleased with the decision.

Jacque had become familiar with the other residents at Cribbs as well as the staff. She knew the activities and dining schedule as well as where to go for her transportation and healthcare needs. Most of all, Jacque liked the feeling of personal independence and not being reliant on her family. Today, Jacque says she and her family couldn’t be happier. She says one of the best parts of living in Meadville is that it makes it convenient for family visits. “I have a daughter living in Grove City, and a daughter living in Titusville. Being in Meadville is equal driving time for both of them, which makes it nice for frequent visits,” says Jacque. “My kids have peace of mind in knowing I am safe, and I feel the relief in knowing I am more independent here. I can take care of myself and have help available if I need it.”

What You Need to Know About Short Stays at Wesbury:

  • Short stays are available for any reason any time of year.
  • Simply bring your suitcase, we will provide the rest.
  • There are different types of short stays:
    • Trial stay: Experience the lifestyle at Cribbs Residential Center before committing to a permanent move.
    • Recovery: Regain your strength, confidence and independence after a hospital stay or rehabilitation before returning to your home.
    • Respite: When your caregiver is unavailable or on vacation, take your own and vacation at Wesbury!
    • Winter: Don’t hibernate! Rejuvenate! Join us and enjoy a worry and hassle free winter.
  • The same inclusions and daily fees apply as required for a long term stay.
  • The basic fee is charged according to the daily rate for the apartment chosen.
  • Personal Care may be added. Services are billed according to the assessment level.

Are you or a loved one considering a move? A short stay at Wesbury’s Cribbs Residential Center is a good way of seeing if the Wesbury lifestyle can help you or your family. For more information or to schedule a visit or stay, phone Melissa at 814-332-9009.