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Join Us for Autumn’s Healthy Living Program!

The Healthy Living Program Series is being offered with limited seating to nonresidents who are interested in learning more about a move to Cribbs Residential Center – Enhanced Living and Personal Care.  Guests will arrive for the 11:00 a.m. presentation at McCracken Chapel followed by lunch and a tour of Cribbs Residential Center.

  • December 14th – Is it the “Stomach Flu” or Is It Really Norovirus? How to know and what to do.
  • January 11th – Lung Disease in the Winter – How to keep yourself healthy
  • February 15th – Heart Disease – How to prevent complications and what to bring to our attention.
  • March 8th – Circulation in Your Lower Extremities – Is It Arterial or Venous? What to do once you know.
  • April 12th – Is It Allergies or Is It a Cold?
  • May 1oth – Staying Active – The little things we can do every day.
  • June 14th – Diabetes Management – Let’s manage this together!

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