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August 29, 2018   |    Blog, Caregiver Support, Health and Aging, Long-Term Care, Memory Support

Long-term Care: When is it Time? What are the Benefits?

Deciding when and how to choose a Long-term Care Facility is a difficult decision. Many family members or caregivers feel guilt or anxiety over placing their loved one in a “Nursing Home.” Unfortunately, a loss of mobility or, medical or dietary needs of the individual can increase to a point where a Caregiver can no longer keep up with him/her either physically or mentally. Trying to care for your loved one in a setting that is overwhelming can not only put you but also them in danger. There are very positive reasons to make the choice sooner rather than wait for an emergency to be the catalyst of a Long-term Care admission. Start by keeping a daily log to see what care you’re providing, how much help they need and how you and your loved one are managing.

When is it time?

  • Repeat emergency room visits
  • Chronic Conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), or Diabetes that need monitoring
  • Special dietary needs or food preparation – example: thickened liquids, pureed foods
  • Frequent falls, Declined mobility
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Wandering or Sundowning – Anxiety or confusion appearing late in the day.
  • Higher care needs than a spouse or caregiver can provide safely.
  • The Caregiver’s health is declining, or the Caregiver is injured due to caring for their loved ones needs.
  • Feasibility – Long-term Care is less expensive than paying for 24/7 care by an outside agency.

What are the benefits?

  • Having a support group including Staff, Nursing, Social Workers, etc. that are there 24/7 to not only take care of and advocated for your loved one but also be there for you.
  • On Campus Medical Director.
  • On-campus physical, occupational and speech therapy services.
  • Chronic Disease management –This means we see problems as they happen, less emergency room visits, and over all improved health stability.
  • Balanced diet and nutrition. Proper hydration improves energy, and helps manage diseases.
  • The social interaction and wide range of recreation create opportunities to meet new friends, reconnect with people from the community, and continue to pursue hobbies and interests. There are card games, cooking and gardening groups; fitness, art and music classes; choir, bible study and numerous outings to explore local attractions; like going fishing, shopping or relaxing over a picnic.
  • The convenience of Dentist, Podiatrist and doctors who come to you
  • Dementia care ensures that residents experience a carefully supervised, fulfilling and active lifestyle aimed to stimulate memory and independence.
  • Church Services, Beauty Salon, Gift Shoppe, Neighborhood Grill, Therapy, and Social outings are at your fingertips.

Visit Wesbury’s Long-term Care page to see what care options we offer on campus. 
Please call Admissions to schedule your tour today at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center at (814) 332-9233.