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August 23, 2018   |    Blog, Lifestyle

Have a “BITE” at Wesbury’s Neighborhood Grill

Residents, staff and visitors to Wesbury may have noticed all the new menu items that have arrived at the Neighborhood Grill. Recently, Sodexo, Wesbury’s Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center’s Dietary Management provider, launched a great new way of keeping track of nutritional information for every item called BITE.


BITE is an easy-to-use smart phone app that is packed with information. It shows you nutritional information on items that are served in Wesbury’s Neighborhood Grill. It also gives you a way to  share feedback about your dining experience!


BITE puts all the info you want to see, such as menus and nutritional information, right at your fingertips. BITE users can see what is on the Neighborhood Grill menu, all of the details of what we are serving on that day, and even if the Grill is open or closed.

When you tap on one of our menu items, you will be able to see a description of the product and complete nutritional information, including calories and allergens. You can leave feedback on items, and even log them into your Fitbit!

“BITE is stunning because of how it ties directly into Sodexo’s menu management system,” says Barb Loiacona, Sodexo/Wesbury Director of Food & Nutritional Services at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center. “No one else, in our industry, or even in retail chains, has been able to manage unique and complex menus for thousands of locations.”


BITE is available now. You can download BITE for all of your devices at the Apple App Store or Google Play. For information, visit