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August 13, 2018   |    Blog, Caregiver Support, Enhanced Living and PC

Are You a Caregiver in Need of a Backup Plan?

Families that have the responsibility of caring for an aging loved one can find the experience to be overwhelming and exhausting, leaving little time for other things, especially a chance to Woman with walker and caregiverrejuvenate. A guilt-free getaway is tough for caregivers, but we all need to rest and relax in order to maintain good health. Whether you are planning a vacation, attending a wedding, or visiting the kids at college you can depend on Cribbs Residential Center.

Wesbury’s Enhanced Living and Personal Care location offers a warm and welcoming environment where your loved one can stay for any length of time…at any time. Wesbury’s Cribbs Residential Center provides residents with the experience of a stress-free, private, personalized environment that includes daily meals, socialization, health-stimulating activities, and 24/7 access to nurses providing both quality of life and safety.  Personalized care is added as needed for additional costs.

Respite or short stays are available anytime of the year.  A loved one only needs to bring their suitcase and we will provide the rest!

Please call (814) 332-9009 or fill out our Community Contact form for more information.