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April 2, 2018   |    Blog, Care Levels and Services, Planning for Retirement

What Care Level is Right for You?

Are you or your loved one beginning to struggle with maintaining a home? Experiencing forgetfulness? Having difficulty with stairs or performing daily tasks? If you answered “yes,” It may be time to explore a lifestyle change.

When older adults experience physical and mental changes, they often recall the nursing institutions of their parents, and fear making a move. Today, care options are very different from what was available to a previous generation.

Reviewing your choices and deciding what is best takes some time and research. Because Wesbury offers the full continuum of lifestyle options and care services, we can help you sort it out.

Continuing care means that there are a continuation of services including maintenance-free independent living, in-home care, personal care, memory support, rehabilitation and long-term care.

In-home care serviEnhanced Living outdoorsces will be your next step if you wish to remain in your home, but if you are ready for a change, here is a breakdown of the options:

Independent living is designed for those who do not require care. It is for those who are seeking a maintenance-free home and ways to stay active in a secure environment. Here, you will have your own private home without any of the maintenance or worries. There is a clubhouse and lots of on-campus amenities to enjoy, with opportunities to add more services over time as you might need them. This environment allows you to be active and independent longer than you typically can manage in your own home but requires that you are able to live alone unassisted. You must be at least 62 years of age with a spouse aged 59 or older.

Personal care environments bridge the gap between living independently and needing some assistance by providing private accommodations that include meals, housekeeping, laundry, socialization, and transportation to appointments. Additionally, help with bathing, dressing, grooming, reminders and monitoring medication can be added as needed. A person experiencing memory loss or physical decline can live in a personal care environment until they have fairly significant care needs. You must be able to get in and out of a bed or chair unassisted, be able to feed and toilet yourself, and have enough safety awareness to be alone for periods of time without supervision; nurses are available when needed. Here, people thrive with the combination of a private living space, the enjoyment of social activity, and support with daily tasks.

A Memory support neighborhood should be considered when memory loss creates a concern for individual safety or for the safety of those around them. This environment offers special Memory Support Courtyard with residents
programming allowing residents to be active yet secure. There are private accommodations, the ability to walk and wander without leaving a secure area, outdoor courtyards, and family style dining and living spaces. Here, residents are encouraged to engage in activities of daily living. The nursing staff have specialized training and are providing around-the-clock supervision and support.

Skilled nursing care is intended for residents who may have any combination of the following needs: They may have an illness or diagnosis that requires around-the-clock nursing attention. They may be unable to get in and out of their bed or chair or toilet themselves unassisted due to weakness or frequent falls. They may not be able to manage their incontinence issues. They may be unable to feed themselves. Significant memory impairment requires they need help with every aspect of daily living and no longer benefit from the stimulating environment of the memory support center. These needs require a long term nursing care setting with twenty-four hour nursing support.

To meet the growing demands of area seniors, Wesbury is offering a new approach to senior living, the Wesbury Care Cottage.  The Care Cottages are designed to provide safety and support to low-income residents who qualify for the PA Waiver Program or to those that can pay privately who prefer to reside in a homelike setting as an alternative to a nursing home. The Wesbury Care Cottage is a residential three bedroom home that offers a maximum of three residents twenty-four/seven, around-the-clock “Wesbury at Home” services to meet their day to day needs. The Cottages are furnished, private homes that are beautifully decorated with plenty of room for the residents to visit with one another, with family, or to have their own privacy. Each Care Cottage is located within minutes from shopping, entertainment, and medical facilities. Wesbury currently has Care Cottages in Meadville, Cochranton and Titusville.

Explore your options and learn that today’s senior communities offer far more privacy, independence, choice and person-centered care than the institutions of the past. At Wesbury, all residents enjoy personal hobbies, making new friends, and reconnecting emotionally and spiritually at all care levels.

If you or a loved one would like more information, please call 814-332-9009 and let us help you develop a plan that is right for you.