February 6, 2017   |    Press Releases

Vision for 2017

Looking Forward to 2017 and Beyond

As we move into 2017, the need for growth in the area of in-home services, moderately priced senior housing and innovative ways to bring services to the surrounding region are among our top priorities.

President and CEO Brian Nageotte notes, “The healthcare landscape has been evolving over the past few years and will continue to evolve as innovative approaches to providing healthcare in the most appropriate settings are developed. Wesbury is committed to remaining at the forefront of this changing landscape to offer the best healthcare possible in a place and manner that is most beneficial to the consumer.” One such way is to explore buildings that could be repurposed at far less cost than new construction, making it feasible to offer housing that will meet the needs of seniors with modest incomes. Another is to broaden our reach through Help At Home with Wesbury, our home and community-based services.

Meeting the growing demand for more in-home care staff, expanded services, and regional care cottages is a constant challenge. In 2016, Help at Home with Wesbury added handyman, pet care and haircare services as well as purchased care cottages in Meadville, Titusville and Cochranton. The option to receive around the clock skilled nursing care in a private home setting has gained fast popularity. They not only offer a home-like environment, but they offer better nurse to patient ratios and private rooms. Care Cottages fill a great void since they are available to low-income seniors who qualify for the PA Waiver Program and can be located in underserved areas around the region. We look forward to expanding our in-home services and the care cottage program in 2017!

Wesbury is adding a presence in Cochranton as the Cochranton Community Pharmacy is expected to open by February at 180 North Franklin Street, Suite C. This new branch location of Northwest Pharmacy Solutions, a Wesbury partner, will offer a retail pharmacy and drive-through service staffed by Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager Chad Robinson and Pharmacist Brittany Deeter, both of Cochranton. Services will include filling prescriptions to new and existing customers, weekly pill box refill/delivery service and immunizations for all ages. They will also offer over the counter medications, snacks, and soft drinks. The location, a newly renovated building owned by Economic Progress Alliance also includes a common waiting area, a branch of One Federal Credit Union and Dr. Peterson’s office. For more information visit northwestpharmacysolutions.com.

Infrastructure and development preparation are completed for expansion of the remaining acreage at Thoburn Village. We are researching the type of units we feel will best serve the region to maximize the space and expect they will include both single and multifamily homes.

We continue to explore our options for Edinboro. Although we have received final environmental approval, the overall project length requires us to update our market analysis, feasibility study, and cost projections. It is important to Wesbury that this development meets the needs of the Edinboro Community and serves Wesbury’s nonprofit mission and vision.

We look forward to an exciting year focused on continually fulfilling Wesbury’s Christian Nonprofit Mission and Vision that was founded over 99 years ago! We want to thank the community, our staff and each of you for your ongoing support that sets Wesbury apart and helps us continue to grow and serve the region.

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