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January 17, 2017   |    Blog, Care Levels and Services, Finance and Planning, Planning for Retirement

Top 11 Questions About Our Community and Care Levels

These are only a few of the questions we are asked throughout the year, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional questions broken down by care level.

1. Why Should I Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Communities such as Wesbury offer exactly that – a continuation of care through the resident’s lifetime. Select a community where you can live actively and find the services you need through all the stages of your retirement years. CCRC’s offer everything from maintenance free living to in-home services, personal care apartments, rehabilitation, memory support and skilled nursing care. Once you choose the community, you have made a choice that will fit your needs for the rest of your life.

2. Why Should I Choose a not-for-profit community?

In choosing a nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community, you are choosing a community committed to providing for you both physically and financially for the rest of your life, even if you outlive your resources. For-profit organizations do ask their residents to leave when they can no longer pay. Wesbury does not. Benevolent Care is a key component of Wesbury’s nonprofit mission.

3. Will I be in control of my own financial resources?

Yes – Residents or responsible parties are in control of their own financial resources. (They don’t have to “turn everything over to Wesbury” upon admission.)

4. How do I know if I can afford it?

Wesbury is NOT the most expensive facility in the region. We often hear that folks assume they cannot afford Wesbury. This is often untrue. When you inquire, a Wesbury representative will go over the costs, your income, assets and expenses to help you determine is Wesbury is an affordable option. They will also make you aware of any financial aid or insurance that may cover the service you are seeking.

In Independent Living, the cost of living at your home with extra services is comparable to living at Wesbury. Depending on which residence and contract you choose, many items you pay for now, such as utilities, local telephone, cable, refuse removal, home insurance, taxes, home maintenance, lawn care and snow removal are covered by your monthly fee.

At our Enhanced Living and Personal Care level of care, the daily rate includes 3 meals a day, utilities, cable, local telephone, WiFi, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, activities and transportation to local medical appointments. If a resident needs personal care we offer tiered care levels in which a Wesbury nurse will go over the care plan with a resident and their family. Enhanced Living and Personal Care is private pay but we do accept Long Term Care Insurance and veterans benefits to help cover the costs.

Our rates for skilled nursing care are within a dollar per day of other area options. While applicants do need to have the means to pay their monthly fee for independent living, there is financial aid for veterans at the personal care level and we accept Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the costs of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. Our In-home care and Care Cottage rates are competitive too, and we accept financial aid from the PA Waiver Program and the Veterans Association to help cover the costs!

5. Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we do have a waitlist for Independent Living but it is nothing to be discouraged by due to the changing needs of those on the list and the different preferences for location and size. Call us and apply! We encourage you to get on the waiting list even if you are not ready yet.

There is no fee to send the application in. When you get on the waitlist you will receive calls about openings that you might be interested in and have priority over those who are not. Your name will be placed on the wait list in the order in which it was received. If you are not ready yet, or do not like the particular open unit we will continue down our wait list to the next applicant. There is no penalty for saying no, and you will not lose your place if you should decide to wait for another opening.

Read our latest post on the Blog for more information: Learn about the Wesbury Thoburn Village Waitlist and How to Join

6. I’m not sure I’m ready for a retirement community. Should I wait until I need to move?

Studies show that reduced stress and remaining active prolongs health and independence. The best time to move to a retirement community is while you’re still active and in good health. At Wesbury you can enjoy an engaging lifestyle and all the benefits of owning a home but with none of the headaches! Take a hold of your future, stay engaged in life, create memorable moments and continue to live abundantly with the peace of mind knowing you have priority access to in-home care, rehabilitation, enhanced living and personal care and long-term nursing care.

7. What if my spouse and I have different health care needs?

Wesbury offers a full continuum of care. You and your spouse may be able to reside together long term on campus depending on your care needs and ability to afford the various options. In home care may be added to prolong your stay in Independent living. Couples may reside at Cribbs Residential Center or Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center in the same accommodations with different care plans. In some cases couples choose to live at different care levels but still enjoy the convenience of living on the same campus and enjoying meals and personal time together. All Residents have priority access to in-home care, rehabilitation, enhanced living and personal care, long-term nursing care and memory support. There are multiple scenarios in which we can help.

8. What are your Winter, Respite and Trial Stays? What is included?

Short stays are available for any reason any time of the year at Cribbs Residential Center. For any stay you determine the length of time, and only pay for the days you’re here. Join us for a winter stay while the weather is bad. Think about a Trial stay to experience the life style of our Enhanced Living and Personal Care before committing to a permanent move. When your Caregiver is unavailable or on vacation, take your own as a Respite stay here at Wesbury. Simply bring your suitcase, and we will provide the rest.

9. Do You Accept Pets?

Fish, birds, cats and dogs are permitted at Thoburn Village. Cats, fish and birds are permitted at Cribbs Residential Center. Pets are not permitted at Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center. Pets are permitted to visit as long as their records and vaccines have been kept up-to-date. Please ask your Wesbury representative for the Pet Policy and guidelines.

10. Does Medicare or Medicaid cover the costs?

Unfortunately Medicare or Medicaid does not cover the costs for Enhanced Living and Personal Care. Medicare is assistance that pays for your loved one to get well in rehabilitation after they are discharged from the hospital. Medicaid is state funding available at the Skilled Nursing level of care, or through some Wesbury at Home services for those with minimal or no resources.

11. Is there financial assistance for veterans?

Yes, Veteran’s Aide and Attendance can help provide funds to pay for a veteran or spouse of a veteran that has served during wartime. Financial and physical requirements must be met in order to receive these benefits. Ask us today about how we can help.


Still Have a Question and don’t see it listed?

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