Past News: December 2016

December 27, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

The Cure for the Couch Potato!

There are things that people who work within the senior population repeatedly hear, one of the big ones is: “everyone has a desire to stay... Continue Reading »

December 21, 2016   |   Blog, Health and Aging, Lifestyle

How to Cope With Stress Over the Holidays

We often think of stress as just part of life, and we plug along with it. Yes we would prefer not to feel stressed, but is it really a big... Continue Reading »

December 7, 2016   |   Blog, Finance and Planning, Planning for Retirement

Personalize Your Villa, Make it your Own!

Last week we learned about Wesbury's Thoburn Village Waitlist and How to Join, but what happens after you select a villa or apartment?  In this... Continue Reading »