November 14, 2016   |    Blog, Caregiver Support, Health and Aging, In-Home Care

Are You Looking For a Solution to Your Medication Management?

HH Med Management

Keeping track of a daily regimen of medications is often confusing and if missed or improperly taken there can be serious effects. Help at Home with Wesbury offers a Medication Management system to provide assurances that medications are being taken in a timely manner by providing visual and audible user alerts and reminders. When taking part in this program, loved ones and caregivers also receive phone, text and e-mail notifications if a scheduled dosage is missed providing great peace of mind.

Help at Home with Wesbury Medication Management clients are also offered a free consultation with a pharmacist from Northwest Pharmacy. The pharmacist will visit the client’s home to review all prescriptions and medications. If any meds are outdated or no longer needed, the pharmacist will properly dispose of them.

Northwest Pharmacy offers a free pillbox service where they will fill all prescriptions on a weekly or monthly basis and deliver to your home. If you are planning a vacation or spend part of the year out of the area, Northwest Pharmacy will provide your medications in blister packs for travel partitioned in a weekly or monthly schedule. These amenities allow the client to have less worry about taking their meds and less clutter around their home as prescriptions are stored at Northwest Pharmacy.

For information on Help at Home with Wesbury’s Medication Management system or any of the other in-your-home programs and services offered, phone 814-332-9186, visit Help at Home with Wesbury, or fill out an information request on Wesbury’s Community contact form.